A Cry in the Night (audio)/A Children’s Story


Child Ripped Fom its Mothers ArmsLola was born into a wealthy home. Her parents gave her and her brother Hunter the best their money could buy. They sat upon velvet chairs. They drank from crystal glasses of the palest pink. There tables displayed the finest silver and china. Persian rugs lay beneath their feet.





The large colonial house sat in splendor upon vast acres dotted with magnolia trees, their white blossoms permeating the air with sweet fragrances. Tall oak trees provided shade to the white porch that wrapped around the house. Azaleas were scattered everywhere giving color to the colonial home.

Lola was a spoiled child and this made her feel she was better than others. Her eyes were always searching for the best and richest men to fill her life. Only one special man could give her the desires of her heart. That greatest desire was to have a baby girl to love and to spoil just as she had been spoiled. Could her greatest dream become a nightmare?

Lola’s conquest graced her with a husband whose heart was very quiet and kind. He was a superintendent of the public school systems and was popular in all the well-to-do circles. Lola was happy for she was on her way to dreamland USA. It would be only a short time before she would become pregnant. The desires of her heart would soon become reality.

Fate is often unkind and so it was with Lola. She began to have medical problems and it was discovered that she would have to have surgery. A hysterectomy was the end result and Lola’s dream died on the operating table. Depression quickly set in and Lola became a prisoner in her own beautiful home. Her heart had been ripped and her body ravaged by surgeons hands.

Years went by and finally Lola was given a ray of hope. She would adopt a little baby girl. Her spirits lifted and a glow returned to her pale face. She would at last get the child she so desperately wanted.

After months of waiting the adoption agency notified them of a baby boy only a few hours old. A decision had to be made quickly because others were waiting in line to adopt as well. Lola agreed to take the little boy for fear she would never have a child at all. She named the little boy Hunter after her beloved brother.

Again Lola’s desires went astray. She could see no frills and lace. There were no curly locks of hair for her to brush. Lola became distant and cold to her new son. There was no love in her heart and it still cried out for her little baby girl.

After twenty years Lola gave up thinking her dream had become a nightmare. Hunter grew up and married a beautiful girl. The girl was not of the same class as Lola and Lola didn’t take to her too kindly. She was however glad her adopted son had married and moved out of her home.

Hunter’s wife was named Sylvia and it wasn’t long until she became pregnant. She gave birth to a tiny little girl with golden locks of hair and big brown eyes. Bitterness gripped Lola. Why could Sylvia have a little girl and she could not? A spirit of jealousy overcomes Lola. She knew Sylvia was not rich and her parents were only farmers. They had no money to help Sylvia in the court system and money speaks loudly.

A plan of deception was instigated and evil grew in Lola’s heart. She would take her granddaughter away from the mother any way she could. She would hire the best attorneys and prove Sylvia incompetent or penniless.

“I have lots of money and I can pay off the court system. I will do battle and win!” She ranted.

Lola spent every waking moment buying all sorts of things for her granddaughter. The closet was filled with frills and lace to adorn baby Theresa Lynn with. Yet in her heart the evil plan had been put into motion. She finally managed to come between her son and his wife. The once happy couple grew apart and the marriage crumbled. Trying to appear to be a help to Sylvia, Lola invited Theresa Lynn to come spend some time over the summer thus giving Sylvia a much needed period of rest. Lola’s had her evil fingers wrapped around the neck of an unsuspecting mother. Once she got her hands on the child she would never surrender her back to her mother.

Lola paid a ransom for three brilliant attorneys to do the evil deed. Lola soon had her granddaughter. After all Sylvia needed a rest. Lola would give her all the time in the world. The golden-haired girl became a possession and obsession to Lola. She would never again allow the child to see or speak to her mother again.

Sylvia had no idea her daughter had been ripped from her arms in this evil plan. She would have to allow the courts to decide who was better equipped to care for the tiny tot. Lola’s attorneys drew up a plan to destroy Sylvia.

Months passed and Lola would not allow Sylvia to see or speak to her child. Sylvia worked two jobs to pay for one attorney to represent her in the court system. Tears flowed like a river sweeping over Sylvia. Was not the God of heaven watching and hearing her heartfelt cries?

Why was He not answering her prayers?

Often times the hearts of good people become so very evil they lose sight of reality. Obsessions become gods.

A year passed and finally the judge would hear Lola’s case. It didn’t take long for him to see what Lola was trying to do in her evil hatched plan. He ordered Theresa to be returned to her mother.

“Oh no I have lost everything!” Lola screamed out in the courtroom. “My life is over for I can’t live without my child!” She cried violently. Her evil plan had come to naught. Theresa leaped into the arms of her panic stricken ed mother. Justice had prevailed and Lola’s life ended in total darkness. Her mind now belonged to the very evil spirits she had herself conjured up.

Lola died alone having lost all that God had blessed her with. A stroke paralyzed her body from her neck down. She was now helpless.

Theresa and her mother became inseparable thanks to a righteous God who is still on His throne. He is the God who is still answering prayers.

The bible tells us that the prayers of a righteous man availeth much in the eyes of the living God.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.
Faith is as strong as the power of the almighty when used by a righteous person.
How strong is your faith?

Question: “What became of Lola for doing this evil deed?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 9-1-2011