A Stuffed Nose

The old white framed house was home to two little boy’s age nine, six and one little girl age two. The seesaw, the tire swings hung from tree branches and bicycles let all passers by know that it was a very active household. Tommy was the oldest, Peter just starting school and Michaela the terror at age two. Of course Peter and Michaela copied their older brother and found all kinds of ways to make him miserable most of the time. Yet as the oldest he was responsible for watching after them when they were playing outside.

Each day was a new learning experience during the summer months when school was out. The home would not be complete with a dog named Dooney, an Eskimoo spitz breed uncommon to their area. Dooney had been a Christmas present when he was just a pup. Now he slept in Michaela’s room simply because he had more room on the floor and Michaela wasn’t as much afraid of the night monsters with Dooney beside her.

Tommy didn’t mind his brother or sister copying him for he was told by his parents that they were doing so because he was so handsome and intelligent. So copying the things he did was sort of a compliment I guess you would say. Michaela ran around the house with a long neck tie wrapped around her neck as barefoot as the day she was born. Peter watched intently to see exactly how Tommy combed his hair and how he wet the comb to make it stay the way it was suppose to.

It was Saturday and Tommy was teaching his brother how to make a sling shot from a pronged branch and a piece of rubber from a tire tube. He was using a pocket knife his grandfather had given him stripping the bark from the wood. Michaela watched for a brief second and then proceeded to climb upon Dooney’s back for a wild ride. Dooney was a make believe horse and Michaela was the cowgirl. Tommy gathered up some small white stones from the driveway next door to use for ammunition for the sling shot. When he was finished he would show his brother just how to kill a squirrel or at least knock some of the fur from its tail.

He didn’t see Michaela gathering up small stones as well. Neither did he see what she was doing with them.
It was a wonderful day for the three Musketeers to enjoy the beautiful warm weather. It was about lunch time and Tommy decided all would go inside for a snack. His mother was making ham and cheese sandwiches and all tummies were ready for food.

“Oh my goodness we have a problem sitting here!” Mrs. Farris screamed when her eyes beheld her smallest child’s face. “What is wrong with your nose?” She asked hurrying around the table to see what must be done. Upon inspection, she discovered that Michaela had stuffed her nose with small white rocks. It was so stuffed she could not get but one stone from her nose.

“Blow your nose Michaela!” She yelled grabbing a paper towel from the counter.

“I can’t because nothing will come out.” Michaela whined turning her head from side to side.

“Oh my goodness I’ll call the fire department. Maybe they can get these things out. If not you will be going to the emergency room as soon as possible.” She gasped trying to keep her emotions in check.

“Who was supposed to be watching Michaela?” She gazed over the table at Tommy.

“I was Mom but I didn’t see her pick up the rocks. The last time I saw her she was playing with Dooney.” Tommy quickly responded.

It didn’t take time for the fire department to respond to the call. They were unsuccessful in getting the last stone for it had been pushed as far as it could possibly go into Michaela’s little nose. Mrs. Farris had forgotten to ask for no sirens and of course Michaela was petrified when she saw all the men in uniforms probing into her nose.

Mrs. Farris went with the ambulance to the emergency room with Michaela. She was screaming as loud as she could scream for she just knew they were taking her to the place that kept all the huge needles. She had learned from experience that people in white uniforms were bad news and caused great pain.

The doctor quickly gave Michaela a mask to wear to pretend she was the lone ranger. It didn’t take but a few seconds for the medicine to do its job and Michaela fell fast asleep. She didn’t see the long tweezers or other instruments that the doctors used to pull out the rocks but when she awoke she was happy she could breathe better and all the people in white coats were not in her room.

“Doctors and nurses are very good people Michaela. They do everything they can to make you feel better. Don’t be afraid of them. You are all better and we will be going home soon.” Mrs. Farris said in a soft calming voice. “Where is my Lone Ranger mask?” Michaela quickly responded.

So it came to be that Michaela learned a big lesson that day but not from Tommy. The slingshot would have to wait until another day. It was to say the least a very rocky day for Michaela!

The nose is made for things to come out and not for things to go into not even fingers!

Question: How did the doctors get the rocks from Michaela’s nose?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 3-2012