Blue Eyes Crying in the Snow(Audio)




I was walking down a sidewalk one day
when I saw an old man sit down to pray.
His hair was white as the driven snow.
His beard falling graciously oh so low.

He wore an old hat to cover his head.
But he had no coat his face so red.
I stood in wonder of what he said.
How could this man be so terribly lead?

He raised his head and his blue eyes I see.
What happened to this man I wondered.
I stood there frozen my steps to ponder.
He was crying, tears ran fast but free.

I reach down into my coat pocket
and took out my favorite golden locket.
“I have no money to give you I said.
So,I will give you my golden locket instead”.

The old man looked at me with a smile
“You are kind, but YOU will be gone in a little while.
I only stopped for a while to see,
Just how many people still really love me!”

I don’t know what you are talking about!
He couldn’t hear so I began to shout.
“Can’t you see Child who I really am?”
No, I’m afraid I can’t I said with a frown.

“My name is Jesus, the one in the book.
Haven’t you ever took the time to look?”
His eyes watered and I watched as He cried.
It was then my conscious was pricked with pride.

I’m sorry Lord, I thought you were a myth.
Forgive me I cried and I knelt down to kiss.
People think you are not really real you see,
And I’m afraid one of those people just happened to be me.

“Will you go and tell my children to come in?
I am almost ready and they are living in sin.
Go, and tell them I shall return.
They have a choice of accepting me or they’ll burn.”

I could not hardly stand near this awesome person.
I couldn’t believe this man was the Most High One.
“Go and tell them I’m coming soon.
I’m coming again some morning, night or noon.”

I looked up to rest my hand upon his head.
But the old man who was crying was gone instead.
I stood there thinking about all he said.
Jesus the Christ is really NOT dead!

As sure as the cock crowed thrice on that day
If you are not born again your soul will pay
In hell you will look up and ask why didn’t some one tell me about this place called hell.
Then God will answer like this:

It was me that begged you as a child to come to the altar at church.
It was me that wept over your drunkened body.
It was me that whispered in your ear
It was me that told you your death was near.

It was me who told you to read the book.
It was me that you gave a dirty look.
It was me that told you to repent or die.
It was me that you spat upon and lied.

Your time is up now for you have chosen.
When you do not choose me you have spoken.
My angels are coming to take your soul home
Just remember hell will be your home for all of eternity.

Written by Sybil Shearin 2002