Bongo the Chimpanzee Boogies Down


The rays of the sun burned down heavily upon the rainforest. The winding path of the Congo River continually supplied water to the richest wildlife in the heart of Africa.

The rainforest is split into a number of layers, the first being the low lying branches of large evergreen trees. The next level contains the smaller trees and plants. Beneath this level lie bushes and ferns. The floor of the jungle consists of mostly ferns, vines, and roots that twine their way through all the other vegetation.

Living in the jungle are many animals such as the snakes, crocodiles, black hippos, the Claw less Otter, ducks, storks, pelicans, parrots and many other species of birds. Pigs can be heard rooting among the roots of the trees and the trumpet sounds of the elephants vibrate through the air as they search for food.

The Black Hippo spends most of its time in the waters of the Congo River. The deepest water allows it to submerge itself completely so the hot sun does not dehydrate it. The Buffalo, Antelope, Zebras, Giraffes and Gazelles live mostly in the meadows within the tall grass in the southern part of the Congo.

Among the trees of the Rainforest lives several species of chimpanzees. In the rainforest nothing can hide nor is it safe. It is every beast for himself. It is here that Bongo the chimpanzee lives. One of the closest cities is Gabon and the Chimpanzee’s biggest predator is the bushmeat hunters of Gabon. Mankind still does not know all of the animal life living in the Rainforest but they have discovered some native forest dwellers called the pygmy people living there.

Local hunters claim that deep in the jungles of Congo also lives a huge band of giant chimpanzees that kill lions, go fishing and howl at the moon. It sounds a bit bizarre but it is very true. These mystery chimps live in an area of the jungle that is completely inaccessible to people. It is in the heart of the impenetrable forest. Normally the chimps are hunted by predators of the jungle but these super-strong, huge primates are not worried at all. The super chimps eat leopards and larger prey. They appear to have a taste for bigger animals. Unlike their cousins, this sub-species of gigantic chimps have their own unique way of life.

This super breed of chimpanzees does not make their nest in the tops of trees like the smaller ones. Instead they make their nest on the floor of the jungle. You might ask how such chimps can survive sleeping on the ground when there are huge cats, lions and other dangerous animals around. It appears that this species of chimps are aggressive predators and other predators know it and simply leave them alone.

The ground nests are big, much bigger than the nest of the average chimps nest in the treetops. The hunters poison arrows that are deadly to the smaller chimps have no affect on this super breed of chimps. In spite of their abnormal strength, these super chimps do not appear to be aggressive towards humans. They seem to associate humans as family and behave in a more curious way rather than being hostile.

This is where Bongo the super chimp lives with his family. Since they live in the deepest part of the jungle and mankind rarely goes into this area Bongo has been learning simply by watching the scientist who come there to study them.

One day as the scientists were playing their portable radio music began to come from the piece of plastic and metal. It was something that Bongo had never heard before but he liked what he heard. He began to wiggle his butt around and turn in circles to the beat of the music. He clapped his hands together, twisted his feet back and forth simply enjoying the moment.

“Go ahead Bongo! This is what we call dancing.” The scientist called out. That being said the scientist began to boogie down right there in the rainforest. He moved his hips bumping and grinding to see if Bongo would do as he was doing. Sure enough Bongo began to bump and grind his body just like the scientist did. He panted and grunted as if he were mating.

The team began to laugh at the sight they were witnessing in the heart of the jungle. Bongo began to laugh too. It was fun and something totally different from what Bongo had every experienced. If man could dance, so could he.

Bongo put his hands over his head and screamed loudly in excitement. He pouched out his lips in a kissing fashion and then displayed a wide smile over his black hairless face. Just then Ruda, a female chimp leaped onto the scene. Bongo took her by the hand and began dancing with her. She rubbed her backside close to his, turned about and planted a huge kiss right upon his lips. Her long arms wrapped around his midsection.

The scientist turned the music up louder to see what Bongo would do.

“Get down to the music Bongo!” He called loudly as he began to show Bongo how to groove downward.

Before anyone could make a move, the forest became alive with chimps all dancing to the sound of the music. They seemed to come out of the thickets in every direction. It was an awesome display of motion.

“There men think they can dance well. Just watch this!” Bongo squealed out to Ruda and the others who had gathered. That being said, Bongo began to roll dance, then swing dance. As the other chimps applauded he began to break dance, finally doing a dance that resembled rock and roll.

The scientist were amazed at the number of moves Bongo could do especially having never seen most of them.

“I can move parts they have never moved!” He winked moving his lips in a puckering fashion. “Mankind calls Elvis the king. Well just wait till I finish my moves. I’ll be the King of Rock and Roll here in the rainforest.”

It was a music bash that lasted for hour’s right in the heart of the rainforest. Everyone took part and danced until the battery on the radio died. Chimps could be seen wiggling this way and that as they disappeared back into the deep lush plant life of the Congo. Bongo gave new meaning to the term erotic dancing.

Since dancing goes back in time millions of years ago you can be sure humans are not the only species that can cut a mean rug!

Question: How did Bongo learn how to Boogie?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 8-11