Brown Bears See Humans as FOOD!(audio)

The Brown Bear


In a small village just outside of Russia a mother, father and daughter had decided to spend the day in a scenic area near the river. The day was beautiful with full sunshine and little breeze. It was a perfect day for camping.

Nikkita the daughter had just finished school and had learned to drive the family car. She was excited about the trip and took along her bicycle to ride along the forest edge. Her father and mother had packed food and fishing gear so they could do some fishing while Nikkita toured the area.

The mother had taken all the food out of the car. The father had set up the tent and was placing his fishing rods in a good spot to catch fish. Nikkita couldn’t wait to go biking so she removed her bike from the back of the car, attached her portable radio and tucked her cell phone into her blue jean pocket.

“Don’t be gone for very long. We will have dinner in a little while.” The mother called as Nikkita road passed them.

“I won’t be gone for long. I just want to ride along the edge of the forest. It is just such a beautiful place. The air even smells better here.” She smiled as she traveled along.

The wildflowers were still in bloom and the forest was very green. The tall trees shaded the edge of the forest providing some shade for Nikkita as she pedaled along. She turned on the radio to a channel she was fond of because it played her favorite type of music. She had gone a good way and totally out of site from her parents. Suddenly she heard a loud noise coming from the forest. She stopped and listened.

It sounded like animals fighting but she could not see anything moving. Rather than go back toward the sounds she decided to go on further and leave whatever it was alone. She could always circle around and go back a different route. She did not know it but two black eyes were watching her as she pedaled away.

As she made a turn to come back she noticed the birds fly out of the forest. Then before she had time to think, a huge mother brown bear lunged out of the woods. She was running towards Nikkita. Should she stop and hide in the trees? Should she try to out run the bear? Her thoughts sped like rushing waters through her head. She reached to turn off the music thinking it might have attracted the bear. Just then her bike slipped on the leaves and down she went.

The bear saw Nikkita fall and ran even faster. As Nikkita stood and picked up the bike, the brown bear hit her with its massive paw sending her flying into a tree. She heard her ribs crack and felt the warm blood run down her face. The bear stopped, turned and returned to the forest. Nikkita reached into her jeans and pulled out her cell phone.

“Mum I have been attacked by a bear. I think I have a rib broken and a cut to my face. Please tell dad to come and pick me up.” She asked frantically.

“Is the bear still there?” Her mother asked.

“No! Please hurry.” Nikkita whispered quietly hoping to keep all noise to a minimum.

Just then Nikkita saw the bear returning. This time she was bringing her three cubs. Nikkita tried to stand and finally got the bike upright. As she was about to pedal the mother bear hit her with a massive blow to the back knocking her off the bike. Nikkita was kicking her legs to keep the bears off but was losing the fight. Her cell phone was still in her hand and she quickly called her parents again.

“Mum the bears are back and they are eating my feet and legs. Please send help! Please hurry! She screamed as she watched the bears tear the flesh off her legs.

Her mother quickly called the forest rangers and asked someone to find her daughter. Then she told her husband to go and get help.

The father rushed to his daughter’s side but before he could get near her, the mother bear attacked him killing him by crushing his skull and breaking his spine. He died quickly! The mother bear gave Nikkita’s body to the cubs and quickly began to eat her father’s body. It was food and their tummies were empty.

“Mom! The bears killed dad and now they are eating us both. I can’t feel my legs any longer. I love you! Please forgive me for going further than I should have.” The voice of Nikkita stopped and the cell phone fell to the ground. Her mother could only listen as the bears ate her daughter. She could hear the growling and the chomping. Finally she could not hear her daughters voice any longer only the horrible crunching of the bears.

The rangers responded to the call and found her father being eaten by the mother bear. The three cubs were still eating Nikkita’s body. Shots were fired and the bears ran into the woods. A team of hunters were assigned to find the bears and destroy them. They were not successful.

Stricken with panic, Nikkita’s mother waited impatiently for the news.

The beautiful sunny day had turned into a horrible nightmare.

The forest is still protecting the three cubs and their mother. It was their home for years and they only knew to find food anywhere they could. Brown bears are very aggressive to humans and should never be provoked in any way.

Remember bears only see humans and other animals as food. It is not a wise thing to ever go into areas where the brown bears live alone. Few people have come in contact with them and lived. Don’t make the same mistake that Nikkita and her father made.

Question: Why did the mother bear return to the woods after hitting Nikkita?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 8-2011
Based on a true story.