Bully Sticks and Purple Pigs Ears/A Children’s Story




I went to visit Mr. McSwiggle’s candy store and
guess what I did see?

I found some Purple Pigs Ears just waiting there for me.

He has smuckle pops, and chipperoozs

With green coconut on top.

Pink bunnies tails and huge all day lollipops.

Jars of bucklestones to fill up my pockets.

Chocolate smoons and crumplefits as big as giant balloons all crispy and just to my taste.

He has jars of red squiggle sticks

Jellied tootafruits nicely trimmed

Chocolate cookies dipped in puzzatoot cream

Orange filled muddlewoons are sure to sell.

Purple pigs ears with lemon tarts are a delight.

Mix them with some cherry kaboodles and you will really feel just right.

Tittle mits and juicy flotts with tiny melted sniggs

I just can’t wait to try the pinkletots before they all sell out.

No matter what time you go you can locate all sorts of goodies.

Bring all the cash you have so you can play the musical juntikle sooties tunes.

Don’t stop and smell the roses but hurry as fast as you can.

The blueberry smuckles and pinwheel snoots are positive to beat the band.

Wiggle smots and lemon drops with coconut bugtail squeeze glaze sweet.

Fill up your pockets with jumpots surrounded with yellow catrees.

I located all my preferred things and I’m sure you will too.

Mr. McSwiggle is super nice and throws in a unique surprise.

It could be melted jeezewheels or peanut butter zeeps.

Be positive to ask for a piece of bubble ziggle to chew

And see how huge the bubbles are.

Watch out for the tough boys for they will try to steal your stuff.

Just give them each a diddlefiget and that really should be enough.

The fire was burning oh so hot.

It melted the porkatoots.

I have by no means had such a happy time any other place.

I filled up my bag with camoots and purple capootles don’t you know,

I ran home with all my pockets full

I just can’t wait to see

How many puzzleswitzs I can smorkle down.

If you need to have some excitement and you don’t have a place to go.

Trot on down to McSwiggles and spin a ball of yarn fast as the pipples run or spin it oh so slow.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 2010