The Devil’s Black Glaring Eyes/ A Children’s Story

The Devil Comes As A Raging Wolf Seeking Whom He Can Devour!

The Devil’s Black Glaring Eyes!

Three white fluffy sheep went out to play
Over the hill and far away.
They jumped and fed upon the lush green grass.
They never thought to watch out for those that might pass.
All day long they ate and ate
Free at last from the Shepherds gate.
Soon the sun began to lower in the sky.
The entire day had suddenly passed by.
Darkness was falling and the dew began to fall.
A black shadow crept out from the rocks so tall.
Black glaring eyes focused in on the three.
It would be an easy kill for the sheep so free.
Vicious growls in the air could be heard.
The white fluffy sheep listened carefully to the destroyers word.
“Come into my den and sleep for the night.
I will give you rest under my warm candlelight.”
The sheep were dumb and began to walk towards the light.
When suddenly the sound of their shepherd’s voice broke through the blackest night.
“Come to me my dear little ones you have nothing to fear.
I will destroy the wolf with my bear hands my little ones dear.
I will lay down my life to save even one of my flock.
The enemy will suffer death by the Rock.
Each stone will pierce the flesh of the devils pride.
The wolf is the enemy prepared to strip your hide.
The Great Spirit you see in the midst of the night.
It is the Holy Spirit, your Savior and your Guide.
Watch ye therefore, for you know not the day.
When the Lord shall call your soul away.
If you are striving fighting to save other lambs
You will wear a bright and shining crown.

Question: Who saved the lost sheep?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 12-2012

There are five crowns the believer in Jesus can win.
1. The Incorruptible crown.
2. The Soul Winners crown.
3. The Crown of Life
4. The Crown of Righteousness
5. The Crown of Glory

The Shepherd Protects His Sheep!