Doodle the Noodle (audio)/ A Children’s Story

Doodle the Noodle

The story was printed on Google about a alien being from the planet Xoogle. It must have been somewhat of a zoodle because no one could understand a single solitary wootle.

I stood outside in the snoodle trying to catch a glimpse of the space shuttle on my catootle. My shoes were soaked with roogle and my raincoat I sent to the zoogle.

It was a stressful day to all of us yoogle’s because our names were left out of the Dmoz Directory of Boogle.

All the pigmy oogles went to the local foogle in hopes of a cold drink of joogle and relax. They left about midnight as drunk as a staggering moogle who had been hit by a speeding spoogle.

When morning came I dashed to my computer to see the latest news on Google about the landing of the aliens called Oogles and Koogles.

To my surprise there was no demise and the hoogle ran away with the space ships toogle.

So if you are sitting at your keyboard and you click on the word Google watch out for the wooly woogle because it comes out just after the virus hoogle or the keyword soogle.

The ending of my story is to let you know about a character of mine called Doodle the Noodle, a hairy green alien from the planet Xoogle. You can find him by searching it on Google.

It is all about words that rhyme sometime, don’t you know?

Question: Which word rhymes with doodle?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 8-2011

Story about Doodle the Noodle
To be continued!