The Meth Heads /A Children’s Story

Before Picture and After Picture of Drug User

The small town was a military town and had been for decades. The army base nearby kept the town busy with soldiers on weekend passes. The local high school and the local colleges worked hard to keep students from wandering out of the educational path they had set before them. Cars bustled by on the streets, fast food restaurants were busy night and day. Local members of gangs made extra efforts to sell drugs to provide them with paraphernalia they thought was necessary for their survival. Young men walked the sidewalks with their underwear exposed and their pants cradled loosely around their skinny bodies. No belts were worn. They had no idea where the style came from. Little did they know that the style of showing underwear came from the prison systems. It was inmates way of inviting other inmates into a homosexual relationship. These gangs just thought it was a COOL thing to do and so they walked the streets exposing themselves to everyone they walked past.

There were all sorts of pills to be bought as well as weed. Now I am not speaking of the grass growing on lawns but marijuana of course. It was a new fad and in order to be COOL one had to either drink themselves into a coma or be stoned out of their minds on pills of some sort. They were not hard to find for adults and teens could be found anywhere selling the small packets of colorful pills.

It was in this town that a young girl lived and attended the local high school. She had moved there with her mother when she was in the eighth grade. Molly was a very sweet girl when she left her home town in the Carolinas. Now she faced students that were ruthless,drugged,selling drugs,diseased and cruel to those who were not in their gangs. Their every thought was selling drugs to make money for themselves. Molly worked at the local Pizza Hut and before long was talked into trying a pill to give her energy. She worked each day after school until midnight so her energy level was quite low by the end of the day. The pills worked well and Molly kept buying one each day. It seemed innocent enough at first.

As time passed Molly’s body craved more pills and she spent more of her money just to purchase them. Before long all of her money was going to the drug dealers. She went without food just to be able to buy the pills. She took a pill to get up in the morning, a pill to keep her going during the day, and a pill to help her sleep at night. Her body was losing weight at a tremendous rate.

When she went to visit her father at Christmas all of her family members were startled at how she looked.
Her long hair that once looked beautiful hung in mats. Her face that she kept free of imperfections was filled with acne sores. Her clothes were just hanging on her frail body as if they were three sizes too big. Her grandparents who kept her as a child could not believe what their eyes were seeing. She had pawned all the expensive jewelry they had given her for drugs. Their beautiful granddaughter was wasting away right before their eyes.

Since it is very difficult to talk to someone who is hooked on drugs, her grandparents began to try and persuade her to move back home with them. Months went by and Molly continued to deteriorate. She was living with anyone and everyone. Her grades began to suffer and she had no money at all. She was surrounded by pot heads and people hooked on drugs. Her boyfriend was a drug dealer who fed her pills to control her and to use her. Alcohol was used when they could not get drugs. She was caught stealing in the local stores and banned from ever coming back into them. Gangs of girls would visit department stores and steal bags of new clothes leaving the expensive clothes with tags that had to be removed by machines.

At the end of the summer Molly was covered with Mrsa and doctors were fighting to stop the deadly infection that was determined to take her life. Finally Molly’s grandmother was able to talk her into moving in with them so she could care for her and help tend to her health issues. Little did Molly realize that thousands of prayers were being answered for her. It was a light in the distance, a light of hope!

It has been two years now and Molly has gained all of her weight back. Her face is free of acne and the Mrsa has disappeared. She is now free from the drugs and the pot heads that introduced them to her.
Her smile has returned as well as her sound mind and she is attending college to become a nurse.

If you know someone who is hooked on drugs or you yourself might be, please know that there is hope for you. You don’t have to sink to the bottom of society. You can get help and you can rise above that lifestyle. You do have to remove yourself from those surrounding you that are helping to feed this horrible deadly habit. It is the greed of the drug cartels that is reaking havoc on every person they can.

God did not create our bodies to be filled with poisonous drugs. He did not want our minds to be destroyed. Stop and get help! Don’t be afraid to tell your family who loves you more than anyone else. Your life is important to many and to God. Make that first step into the sunlight. You will be glad that you did! It is not easy but it is worth the fight!

Question: Does peer pressure have anything to do with people taking drugs?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 10-2011

Before and After Picture of a Drug Abuser

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