Green Walnuts/ A Children’s Story

Once upon a time in the deep- south there was an orchard called Wiggleston’s Finest Orchard. This orchard had been producing fruit and nuts for years. The owners Mr. and Mrs. Wiggleston kept the dead limbs picked up and the grass weeded. They wanted it to last for decades and provide them a very good income. There were peach trees, apple trees, pear trees, plum trees and even had ten large pecan trees that stood tall at the end of the orchard. Lining the side of the orchard was six huge walnut trees filled with large green balls.

It was a hot summer’s day and Mr. Wiggleston had his big tractor mowing down the middles of the orchard. He created shade for his head with a large brimmed straw hat and his body with a pair of blue overalls. His feet were shod with the finest leather boots to protect him from all sorts of nasty things that can happen on a big farm. Since the orchard was located in the south there were always snakes, wild coyotes, bob cats, and other wild critters just waiting to steal some of the delicious fruit. Speaking of delicious fruit I must not forget Mrs. Wiggleston. She froze and canned as much as she needed for family. Then she opened the market store to sell all the rest. People came from near and far to cash in on all the wonderful goodies.

Squirrels built their nest in the tall oak trees adjoining the orchard. This location made it easy for them to scamper from one tree to another and get all the food they needed. The squirrel population had increased over the years so each squirrel family planned vigilantly for the approaching winter season.

This brings us to Romeo the Cassanova he had become. Romeo love to wine and dine with the sweetest lady squirrels but when dinner was over he headed back to his bungalow to rest up. Every Friday Mrs. Wiggleston took out her trash and it was a wonderful scavenger hunt for Romeo. He spent the entire day going to and fro taking his new possessions back to his nest.

“Ghee I am going to have to add on to my bungalow keeping one side for my bed and the other side for food along with my personal cologne, brush, and comb. I am going to have a real mansion up here in this big oak tree, goodies and all.” He smirked, his face showing a smile full of pride. “I found a mirror from Mrs. Wiggleston’s compact and I have lot of white hair Mrs.Wiggleston cut off her prized Poodle. This will make me a soft and cozy bed to sleep in. I can just cuddle up in it this winter. All my lute will sit on one side and me on the other. Mrs.Wigglestons also has a Labrador retriever who has red long hair. I will watch with eagle eyes so when she puts his lavish locks in the trash I can run down and scoop it all up.

“I have must have room to put dried pears and apples, some plums, and some nuts. I will have pecans and walnuts because my body will need the extra protein to stay in shape. I will use the walnuts in two easy ways. I will crack them and eat the nuts but save some of the balls black shell to use as medicine. I just pick them up when they are green, wait till they turn black, then I can open it and get the goodies. The black husks makes a wonderful medicine I use for killing bacteria or for colds If I I happen to get a worm under my skin like many squirrels do this will do the job. Walnuts are about the size of a tennis ball so when they turn from green to dark black I’ll begin to pick up some of the black ones and soak them in water. The black juice will kill all sorts of illnesses. It is very important to have medicine saved up for winter.”He rattled on reminded himself by talking out loud this was a very important and could not be forgotten job. “Once I get all my winter food stocked well and my bed filled with dog hairs I won’t have room for company.” He wrinkled up his face making wrinkles appear across his forehead. Sighing a big sigh he scampered away to bring up another load of goodies.

While Romeo was busy collecting his winter’s possession the three Lawson sisters kept a close eye on him. Korah was the oldest sister and it was her dream to become Romeo’s wife and heir to his fortune. If she could get him in her grip she would then have her long awaited boudoir. Now for those who are not familiar to the term (boudoir) it simply means a private lady’s bedroom, sitting room or dressing room.

“Oh dear! Won’t it be wonderful to have my own private rooms with my own personal perfumes and brushes? I have dreamed so long to have such fine things in life. I have no wish to be the average squirrel. No! I want to have rings on my fingers and nail polish on my nails. I want ribbons and bows in my hair. My ears will be adorned with the finest rings. Oh my! I am so excited, my little sisters. You can come and visit on weekends and enjoy my palatial estate.”Korah smiled her eyes wide with excitement.

No one knew that a sinister spirit was watching and hearing every word she spoke.

“Can you believe that selfish woman?” Bottoms puffed. “She is so selfish she will never let those sisters anywhere near that place if she gets in there. I’m not so sure that Romeo will even allow her there myself. He is a loner and he has never shown any interest in taking a girl to his pad. I think I will make a plan to tell my fellow friend what is brewing in the female squirrels nest.” Bottoms threw down the half eaten apple and scampered over to the tall oak tree. If he had his way selfish Korah would never put her head on a single hair from Mrs. Wiggleston’s dogs.

So it came to be a war had begun in the tall oak tree near the Wiggleston’s orchard. Bottoms made sure Romeo was made aware of Korah’s selfish wishes and the two of them began to make a plan to teach Korah a really good lesson.

Romeo sat there silently for a moment then spoke softly. “You know when you are not content with what you have and try to get more than you deserve, sometimes you end up with nothing. I know that I am no better than anyone else. I know I have worked hard to make my own place in this tree. I have given some of the things I have to squirrels who have nothing to eat. I’m really not selfish but I am working hard to provide myself with things of comfort. There is nothing wrong with possessing things if you work hard, do the work yourself, and give some of what you have to others. God has provided all of the things I have.” Romeo looked around the nest at his acquired possessions.
Bottoms watched as Romeo’s eyes became misty. “You know I have always thought of you as a strong squirrel. You have never asked anything from anyone. I admire you for being a worker who cares even if you don’t show it. I guess you just get so focused on working that it sort of takes over your life.” Bottoms said hoping he had said the right words to help raise Romeo’s esteem just a little bit.
“My dad always taught me a few things about life. He said not to let your desire for what someone else has make me discontented with what I already have. He said I should never try to raise my self-esteem by attacking someone else. Lastly he taught me not to expect to find satisfaction in power over others. God shapes everyone through work. If you are too high-minded and will not work, then you will not be given rewards in life.” Romeo repeated the words his father has spoken many times to his family. He was happy he had remembered them.
Wanting to do more for God is admirable but overstepping your position can be very costly. Sometimes we tend to want to have more than we are capable of taking care of.
“I think Korah is a great lady. I have thought about her many times but she does little for herself and others. Yet she wants to enjoy the things others have worked very hard to obtain. Had she not acted the way she has, I might have invited her over to enjoy what I have with me. Now I don’t think it will be possible because I know she is just after what I have and not to love ME!” He concluded.
“If we are patient God will always open or close doors in our lives according to His plan for us.” Bottoms said. He lowered his head momentarily then stood up stretching his arms high above his head. “So I will get a bunch of green walnuts and we can throw them at Korah so she will know not to continue her devious plan. She will be spending all of her time remaking her own nest.” Bottoms smirked.
“It sounds like a plan to me. Perhaps she will learn a good lesson from this.” Romeo commented taking a deep breath and standing to his feet.
It came to be in the dead of midnight a few days later a shower of green walnuts fell bombarding Korah’s nest. Screams could be heard in the tall oak tree. Squirrels scurried here and there. The war had been won over the selfish one.
When the morning sun peaked its head sending its rays to the tall oak tree, Romeo continued his work with his new friend Bottoms.

Question: Why was Korah’s nest destroyed?

Story written by Sybil Shearin
Copyrighted 10-2014
All Rights Reserved

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