Is Your Temple Spit Shined?(audio)/ A children’s Story


In a very normal city on a very average street sat a white framed house with red shutters. Its lawn was freshly cut showing off its thick green grass. The sidewalks were lined with orange and yellow marigolds. White gardenia blossoms sent clouds of sweet aroma into the air inviting those who passed. The windows were crystal clear and the white wicker porch furniture spoke highly of those who lived here. A glossy red porch-swing swung back and forth in the breeze.

In this very normal house lived a young teenager named No-Marbles Winchester and his hard working family of four. No-Marbles had just turned sixteen and had dropped out of high school much to his parents’ persuasion. Just as No-Marbles made his way out the front door a tall dark man greeted him politely.

“Hello it is a beautiful day to be alive isn’t it?” He said reaching his hand out to No-Marbles as a kind gesture.

“Why yes it is!” No-Marbles replied. “What can I do for you this fine day?”

“Oh I just stopped by to drop off this package for you. It is full of goodies and it is totally free. It’s a gift from your local neighborhood beverage stores. We are campaigning hoping to increase our business and are inviting you to drop by and take advantage of our night life.” The soft spoken man smiled.

“Well thank you so very much. It is quite nice of you to do this. I will look into it as soon as I return. I was just on my way to pick up a friend.” Nodded No-Marbles showing deep gratitude for the box so nicely wrapped.

“If you find you need anything at all, please feel free to come in and inquire. We are open twenty-four seven and our aim is to please!” The man replied as he made his way to the steps leading to the street.

No-Marbles stopped to look at the oblong box and the pretty ribbon that sat on top. When he looked up again the tall man had disappeared into the people walking along the sidewalk. He was thinking to himself how nice it was for someone to give away something just to invite customers. His fingers were eager to see what was inside.

No-Marbles had been given a healthy body, with strong values. His parents were Christians and lived by the Ten Commandments. They had taught No-Marbles what God expected of him and how to keep his temple clean. His temple was his body and he was told never to allow harmful things to enter his beautiful temple.

There are many temples that have been made by man and are exquisite. They have golden pictures hanging from the walls. Their floors are the finest of marble and people come daily just to see the mighty handy work of those artist whose paintings were intricately painted upon the ceiling. People were paid a handsome price just to keep the temple clean from morning till night.

No-Marbles picked up his friend Brainless and they quickly stripped the paper off the box. Inside was an assortment of pills. Some were red, blue, black and purple. Along with the pills were tiny bags of powder tied with different colored thread. It was an invitation to get wasted and get wasted they did.

For days No-Marbles and Brainless lay in a self-induced vegetable state. The temple had been invaded by devils from the dark pit and a horrible addiction had been planted. The seeds had already started to sprout and the temple floors were littered with grime. The evil one had seduced the two young men with pretty wrappings and drugs that would keep them bound to him for years. They would spend all the money they could beg, borrow and steal.

The Marines have a saying that goes something like this: “The Marines are looking for a few good men, the few, the proud, the Marines!” It is also said that the Marines are trained on a variety of subjects including weapons training, Martial Arts, Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness, close order drill and Marine Corps history. The recruits must attain a minimum to graduate. The quality of a soldier is often measured by how much time, effort and care he/she expends their boots. They work very hard to keep their temples clean as do all soldiers.

No-Marbles and Brainless spent no time at all spit-shining their boots. Their temples are now exposed to the enemy. Have you cleaned out your temple lately? How much time do you spend spit shining your boots? How vulnerable are you to the tall dark man with the box of goodies?

When he knocks on your door what will you say when handed the box?
In the distance the weak voice of Brainless calls “Someone please help me! I’m lost and I can’t find my way back home!”
Nations can be seduced without firing one shot! People are bound for decades with no hope!

Spit Shined Shoes<

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted June 2011

Question: What is your temple?