Jo Jo and Coco Become Deadly Weapons ( audio)/Children’s Stories



The Caudle house was unprepared for the adorable twins their son brought home from Mr. Swiggles pet shop. Even though they had a huge cage with all sorts of toys the monkeys still longed to go outside. Peter had used the basement of their house and converted it into a place for the twins to play. He had a small swimming pool, real logs from the woods nearby, potted plants that reached the ceiling and lots of their favorite foods to eat. He had spent all of his savings converting the basement and now was working at the local supermarket to make extra money. As an employee he was also able to get fruits, nuts and food for them cheaper which helped a great deal.

He had to have bars put on the windows because they had discovered they could break glass easily when throwing their toys. His parents were very giving and helped Peter as much as they could. The trash became an issue and they were dealing with it as best they could. It was a huge amount of work for everyone but Peter loved Jo Jo and Coco with all of his heart.

Jo Jo and Coco were very intelligent monkeys and Peter spent a great deal of time teaching them things to do. He taught them how to turn the television off and on. He taught them how to turn on and off the lights. He taught them how to be quiet and how to dance to music. He even taught them to answer the phone by saying “Hi” and the numbers to push when something bad happened.

Bad things happen all the time everywhere and it was no different in Peter’s community. It seems there had been several break-ins all around the town and police were trying their best to find out who the people were.

It happened one Saturday night when Peter was working at the grocery store. He had to work until closing and this left Jo Jo and Coco alone in the basement. Peter always came home and went straight to check on the twins before he went to bed. It appears the two burglars did not know that there was anyone living in the basement and they decided to break the lock on the door. They had black sacks to fill up with any good things they came across.

They did not know Jo Jo and Coco were on alert and waiting for them as they entered the door.

There was only a small night light burning so the burglars thought they had an easy score.

All of a sudden things went crashing over their heads in every direction. High pitched screams filled the room as Jo Jo and Coco went into action against the prowlers. Jo Jo headed straight for the telephone and pressed 911 then tossed the phone receiver on the floor. Coco began jumping on top of everything making horrendous sounds that would pierce any person’s ear drum; but this is not the best part.

Peter had a black belt and he practiced daily with the chimps. He had taught them all sorts of moves to defend themselves and Jo Jo decided he had enough of intruders. He jumped upon one of the burglars back. His nimble fingers searched for the eye sockets and gouged them as hard as he could. Coco was not as kind and went straight for the private parts of the other burglar. The burglars never knew what had hit them. They thought they had been attacked by a rare species of devils. By the time the police got there, both men were tied up with jump ropes and bleeding from many parts.

It wasn’t long after this incident that Jo Jo and Coco both received their black belts. Their hands were now listed as lethal weapons. They also received a plague from the city for their capture of the men who had caused all of the break-ins.

Now when you visit Mr. Swiggles pet shop you will find pictures of Jo Jo and Coco framed upon his wall. They are both wearing their martial arts uniforms and their black belt sashes. Smiles as big as the moon are spread across their faces and Mr. Swiggles has lots more stories to tell. Some of his stories are about the rare species of devils don’t you know?

We never get too old to learn new things!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 6-2011

Question for children: What did Jo Jo and Coco do to the burglers?