Once upon a time there was a very tall castle surrounded by walls so high no one could ever climb over them. Inside the castle lived a king who ruled over the entire kingdom and over an army of many thousands of men. He was a very good man and he walked with God every day. He always listened to God and tried very hard to keep all of the Ten Commandments God had given his people. All the men and women in the kingdom loved him because he was caring and kind unlike most kings who only want riches for themselves.

Where God is there is always the evil one called Satan who tries to turn good men into evil men. So it was with this king named David. Satan’s tricks are to steal, kill and destroy. He had never changed his plans for mankind. Since he was thrown out of heaven because he rebelled against God he vowed that he would destroy all of God’s children and send them to hell.

It came to pass that David was standing out on his courtyard he noticed a very beautiful woman who was taking a bath. Now David could have turned and walked away instead of continuing to let his eyes deceive him. David continued to look at this beautiful woman named Bathsheba who was married to a man in David’s army. Sometimes our eyes see things that cause us to want to possess things that are not good for us. So it was with David. He saw this beautiful woman and he thought she was the most beautiful woman in his kingdom. He wanted her for himself but she was already married to a man named Uriah.

David continued to think about this beautiful woman day and night. The more he thought about her the more he desired her to become his possession yet he could not marry a woman who was already married to another man. So this presented a problem for David.

Now since David was the great king, he could make the laws and break the laws according to his own desires. He lay on his bed at night thinking about how he could get rid of Uriah. Then he could marry Bathsheba. At last he decided to send Uriah out on the front lines in battle knowing all the while that it was most likely that Uriah would be killed. It stood to reason that the captains who fought on the front lines were most likely to be killed first. So David sent a message to Uriah telling him to go out to fight the Ammonites and his position as captain would be on the front line, a very dangerous place to be. Then he watched and waited. He watched Bathsheba and sent a message to her to come to his room and keep him company. Of course Bathsheba went for she knew David could have her killed if she disobeyed his request.

Bathsheba fell in love with David for she could see he was a good man and tried to live according to God’s laws. She continued to stay with David while her husband was fighting on the front lines in a vicious war. She became pregnant with David’s child.

David tried to cover us the pregnancy by offering Uriah a chance to come home and sleep with his wife. Then he could say to all, it was Uriah’s baby and not his. However Uriah would not accept David’s offer to come home. Instead he stayed with his men in the battle. David’s plan then was to have Uriah abandoned in the heat of the battle and left to the hands of the enemy. Joab, David’s servant, performed David’s treacherous deed just as David had requested and Uriah was killed as a result.

At last a message came to David that Uriah had been killed. This pleased David because now he could marry Bathsheba. This was a very wrong thing to do and God was very angry with David for planning such an event. David was not sad that Uriah was dead; instead, he was happy continuing to sleep with Bathsheba in his castle.

So David and Bathsheba were married and were very happy. David loved Bathsheba with all of his heart and Bathsheba loved David as well. Then one day Bathsheba told David she was going to have a baby. They both knew that this child was conceived before they were married with is called adultery. David knew he had committed a great sin in God’s eyes when he slept with Bathsheba while she was still married to Uriah. They were both very happy for now David would have a child of his own. God’s eyes were still watching David. He knew David had sinned when he sent Uriah to the front lines for He knew David’s plan. He also knew that David had sinned by sleeping with Bathsheba before they were man and wife. God was not pleased with David.

When we do things that are wrong there are always consequences. God will punish those He loves for He wants them to live a pure and holy life. God wants all good things for His children. Now God would have to punish David for the wrong things he had done.

It happened that the child Bathsheba had given birth died only a few days after he was born. David was so very hurt and so was Bathsheba. It is a very painful thing to lose a child. This was the way God chose to punish David and Bathsheba for the wrong things they had done. David cried out to God to forgive him for the things he had done that were against God’s laws. When anyone asked for forgiveness God is always faithful and will forgive the sin. Still there are the consequences that must be paid.

David and Bathsheba continued to live in the castle and had another baby named Solomon.

David kept thinking about his sin for a very long time. The price he had to pay for his sin was the life of an innocent child. David realized he should have been with his men in battle not standing out on his balcony and allowing them to fight his battles for him. Kings lead, they do not send their men out to do battle alone. Neither do they plan to have one of their own soldiers killed because of their own lustful greed.

Kings have come and gone since the life of David. All kings sin just as David did and as all mankind does. The key is that one must ask God to forgive them in order to set their life on a straight pathway again. There is always sin but consequences follow the sin. There is always a big price to pay for doing things that are against God’s laws.

Think about all the things you have done that are against the laws of God. Be sure to ask God to forgive you but remember that at some point God will require you to pay for what you have done wrong. Where there is good there is always evil. Satan is the one who causes good men to fall. It is his plan still to destroy all of God’s children if he can. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. His plans have not changed. Be alert, be wise and stay in God’s favor. Fight the good fight of faith so that one day you can live and rule in heaven with God.

Question: What did David do wrong?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 3-2012

The story is taken from the books of Samuel 11-12 and 1 Kings 1-2. In the Bible