Milo the Pomeranian(audio)/A Children’s Stories

Once upon a time very long ago in a very small town there lived a very small girl. Her hair was as gold as the sunshine. Her lips were as red as the deepest rose and her smile would charm the mighty king cobra. From the time Cybelle began to walk her greatest desire was to have a furry little Pomeranian dog as a pet. However Cybelle’s father was from the old school and he did not believe dogs should stay inside the house. So for years Cybelle prayed and asked God to soften the heart of her father and make it possible for her to have the furry bundle in her dreams. However time went by and the little girl grew older. Still the little dog only played with her in her dreams.

Cybelle finished school and married moving away from her beloved home. Yet the dream of the little dog never left her and her prayers still made their way to God daily submitting her request. Years passed and Cybelle’s gray hair crowned her pale face. She was beginning to feel that God was not going to answer her prayer when she saw an advertisement in the newspaper. It was from a lady who was taking a new job and needed to find someone to take her little dog. She was not going to be home during the day and didn’t feel it was fair to leave her dog inside a cage all day long. Cybelle’s eyes grew big as she read the article. Perhaps this would be the answer to her prayer. Quickly she dialed the number, took a big breath and waited. Could it be true? Could this lady really have a Pomeranian that she had dreamed about for decades? The lady agreed to meet Cybelle the next day near the mall making the driving distance shorter for them both. Excitement rushed through every cell in Cybelle’s body just thinking about the opportunity.

The next day Cybelle dressed and hurried to the mall. Her eyes searched the cars as they passed. Finally a white van pulled up beside her. A nicely dressed lady stepped out and greeted her. They exchanged kind words and laughter for both were excited to have their desires met. As she reached into the back of the van she brought forth a tiny brown bundle with big brown eyes.

“Oh my goodness! This is the dog I have dreamed about for years.” Cybelle smiled as she reached for the tiny ball of fur.

“I am so glad to meet you and to see you really are a kind person. I was so worried that I would never be able to find a good person that I could trust to take good care of my dog.” The lady continued.

“Milo! I am going to call him Milo! I have seen this exact dog in my dreams and now I will be able to enjoy him for as many years as I have left.” Cybelle replied as she rubbed the soft fur on the tiny dog.

“You are an answer to my prayers and I will love you more than anyone else could ever love you.” She squeezed the dog and held him to her cheek. With one lick he stole her heart forever.

Milo is still as happy as can be. He sleeps in Cybelle’s big king sized bed on his own silk pillow. He goes everywhere Cybelle goes and his face is the last thing she sees before she closes her eyes. Milo is happy but would love to have another Pom to play with. So if you know of a person who must re home their Pomeranian please ask God to send him to Cybelle. God has promised to give us the desires of our hearts. Milo is a very live example of how God answers our prayers.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted June 2011

Question. What was Cybelle’s dream about?