Mr. Dimnickles Candy Store (audio)/ A Children’s Story

The Candy Shoppe



Have you ever been in Mr. Dimsicles candy store?

Have you seen all the glass jars of Snicklepasmores.

There are red ones, blue ones, and striped ones galore.

Just take a vist to the candy store.

He has lollipops that look like a smuggle stick

Chocolate mud sickles a half an inch thick.

There are coconut kisses, and bananasnips

Big dipped flumps in vanilla whips.

There is nothing you can’t find once in the shop.

Mr. Dimnickle will make you something in a jiff and a hop.

Purple persnickles line the windows wide.

Orange whobobbles on a magic slide.

Lots and lots of pipple canuts

And great big bags of snoodledeputts.

There is nothing you can’t find so fill up your pockets.

Don’t tell anyone or the whimdoodles will snap shut the lockidywockets. Then we can’t get in without Mr. Dimnickles key made from the fairies golden locket.

Question: What is your favorite candy in Mr. Dimnickles Candy Store?

Written to children everywhere
From Mr. Dimnickles Candy Store
Copyrighted 1-22-2010
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