Mr. Tittles Goes on a Long Trip/ A Children’s Story

Once upon a time there lived an old man named Mr. Tittles. He stood tall and the hair on his head was as white as the snow that fell every winter. Mr. Tittles loved to eat, smoke his cigarettes and spread his love to his precious grandchildren. He played with them in the rain, hooked the Red Flier wagon to the back of the lawn mower just to take the tots for a ride.

One day the doctors told Mr. Tittles that he needed to stop smoking for it was causing his heart to work too hard and he developed a smoker’s cough. Rather than heed the doctors advice, Mr. Tittles continued eating his sausage and eggs for breakfast. He ate all the things that were not good for him and he never walked to get the exercise his body needed so badly.

It wasn’t long until Mr. Tittles could not walk down the sidewalk to take the dogs for a walk. He couldn’t walk for his legs began to hurt and the veins in his legs grew larger as time went on. His kidneys began to cause his problems and the doctor once more told Mr. Tittles to stop smoking.

“If you continue to smoke like you are now doing, your heart will one day stop suddenly. Then you will no longer be able to watch your special grandchildren grow up!” The Doctor stated repeatedly.

Mr. Tittles ate pork, ham, lots of potatoes with gravy and he had since he was a child. He simply could not give up the foods he had learned to eat for decades. He gave some thought to stopping smoking but life just didn’t seem quite the same without a cigarette in his hand. It made his feel better for the moment.

One day Mr. Tittles began to lose weight. His kidney function began to slow down and his legs blew up like giant balloons. Walking now was not possible at all. Still he smoked and eat the food he had eaten since childhood. He health in every aspect begin to cause all sorts of problems and the only thing the doctors could do was give him medicine for his pain.

“I’m going on a very long trip!” He told his granddaughter. “When I am gone please care for the dogs and make sure your grandmother is taken care of. She will need you when I am gone.” Mr. Tittles whispered softly.

“Where are you going Pops?” His granddaughter asked.

“Well it seems that I have lived my life doing all the wrong things. Now this ole body of mine is suffering and will one day my heart will stop beating. So remember what we have talked about. I should have stopped smoking long ago but I thought it was cool for a man to smoke. Pretty soon I found out I was not able to stop. Those packs of smokes have cause a great deal of damage to my body.” He reminded her.

“Well where are you going?” She asked again.

“My spirit will leave my body and go up into the heavens. This ole body will just go back to the dust God made me with, Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.” He stated as a big tear rolled down his cheek.

“Yep this ole body will die but I will get a new body in heaven. I’ll be waiting up there for all my family and enjoy the company of all my brothers and sisters who have already gone ahead of me. I will surely miss my home here and my beloved family.”

Mr. Tittles went to the hospital to have a routine test but his heart could not endure any longer. While he was sitting on the side of the bed he had a huge blood clot and it hit his brain. This cause so much damage that Mr. Tittles whispers “I love you” to all his family and closed his eyes in death.

Mr. Tittle’s spirit left the hospital bed and went to meet Jesus. His body was cremated and put into a beautiful urn. His ashes sit in the living room at Mr. Tittle’s house but Mr. Tittles has gone on a very long trip and all that is left of him is his ashes.

It is important to eat good things and not form bad habits that only destroy the body. Treat your body like a beautiful temple. Keep it polished and don’t allow any bad things to enter it. Drugs, smoking, drinking and eating foods that the body cannot process are just a few of the things Mr. Tittles enjoyed. All were chipping away at his beautiful temple God calls his body.

Remember Mr. Tittles and what happened to him. Don’t follow the path of those who are doing damaging things to their bodies. Instead treat your temple with goodness, faith, kindness and above all wisdom. A good place to start is to read the book Mr. Tittles read occasionally. Read the book of life every day and let your mind be filled with the goodness of God. The bible is only one book and it will not take years to read. So begin now and make sure your temple is healthy and your mind filled with God’s words.

Question: What are some things people do that destroy their bodies?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 10-12