Mumsie The Poodle Gets Zits/ A Children’s Story

Mumsie Gets Zits

In a small southern town there was a family who rescued animals that were abused or neglected. They began with one little black poodle named Mumsie. He was just a ball of black curly hair with big black eyes and a little red tongue. He was only there for a short time when Riley a blonde Pomeranian came.

Riley had been abused by a man and it took months before Riley would have anything at all to do with a male person. Patience finally won him over and he was joined by Milo another Pomeranian.

Milo was a very small dog and his hair was rusty brown. He quickly took over as boss of the other dogs in the pack.

Finally there came Ernie and white Bichon to join the pack. Ernie was bashful and very shy. He soon knew that Milo was leader and fell into place like all the others.

They lady of the household took very good care of them. They went for walks, were fed the best of foods, and were kept groomed. Everyone watched when they were taken on walks and all the children loved to see them parading around as if they were on a showroom floor.

One day Mumsie became depressed.

“Why are you so sad Mums?” Riley asked.

“I think I’m going through puberty and I don’t like it at all.” Mumsie replied.

“What in the world makes you think of such a weird thing?” Riley asked curiously.

“Well I have zits on my back. Every time one goes away I get another one.” Mumsie replied sadly.

“You don’t need to worry Mums because your coat is so black no one would ever see them!” Milo blurted out.

“I don’t care! Dogs are not supposed to have zits. That is a condition for humans. What am I suppose to do, just let them take over my back? Isn’t there something that can be done for them? I’m getting desperate!”

“Look it up on the Internet!” Ernie piped with a shrug. “That’s what everybody does these days. If Google doesn’t have it then you are doomed!” He added with little concern at all.

“Just how am I supposed to look it up on Google? I can’t even type for Pete’s sake.” Mumsie snapped quite irritated at such a comment.

“I’ll do it!” Milo replied. “I’ll wait till mom goes to bed and I’ll get on the net for you. We will find out what to do for you. Don’t worry! Things will work out.” Milo assured the perplexed pup.

It was very dark in the house. All that could be seen was the light from the computer. Carefully Milo jumped off the bed and quietly walked into the computer room. Jumping into the chair he began typing one letter at a time until he had spelled “Dog zits”. He waited patiently for Google to search and bring up the latest information. Sure enough there it was in black and white for the entire world to see. Dogs do have zits!

Milo read as much as he could then clicked off the computer. All the other dogs were lying quietly on the bed next to their owner. Milo jumped upon the foot of the bed and checked to see if his owner was asleep.

“It’s true! Dogs do get zits.” He whispered.

“Well what am I supposed to do about it? Did you find out?” Mums quickly asked.

“Yes I read about it. It just said to shampoo in a certain shampoo and put an antibiotic cream on them. You are not supposed to squeeze them. Just let them dry in themselves. It also said to take Echinacea for it. We will have to search the house and see if we have all of this stuff.” Milo said rubbing Mums with his paw for comfort. “It appears it is quite a normal thing Mums ole buddy.” Milo whispered.

“Tomorrow we will begin the search and we will get the stuff you need.” Riley added as he licked Mumsie on the face.

Day after day they searched the house. Finally they had gathered all the necessary things to provide Mumsie with the care he needed.

“Milo what are you doing with all my things in your bed?” Mrs. Mumford asked discovering all the tubes of ointment and bottle of herbal medicine in her bed.

“Ah, we were hoping to help you find something that will help Mumsie and his zits.” Milo replied as if it was not really a big deal at all.

“Oh my I had not noticed Mumsie having a problem with zits. I’ll take a look right now.” Mrs. Mumford replied quite stunned by all the commotion.

So it came to be that the pack did find the things Mumsie needed for his acne. After a few weeks it disappeared completely. Just for the record though, dogs do have acne or zits as the humans say.

Question: Do dogs have zits?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 8-2011