President Obama Remembered by All
/ A Tribute to President Obama

It is not a wise thing to mess with America for we will find you and justice will be swift!

I watched you campaign when you for President did run
I watched you go from evening to days of sun.
Your platform was one of change for our mighty land
You looked sincere with the wave of your hand.

Promises are always thrown when on the campaign trail.
It seemed you simply could not fail.
Some were happy and some were glad
You were the first black president this nation ever had.

You are holding the world in the palm of your hands
Clearly our military obeys your every command.
You’ve let prisoners who were not guilty go free
You’ve bombarded the ISIS group hoping freedom they might one day see

America is in the hollow of God’s hand.
No man or nation can destroy our land.
We are the Christian nation God is using with power and might.
As long as we have God on our side we are the winner of every fight.

Your term as President will soon be done.
Don’t take your eyes off God’s only Son.
Keep Him close to avoid destruction for He is the only way
He is coming back and it could be today.

Your name will be printed in libraries across the world
Your picture will decorate walls beside our flag unfurled..
I pray one day you will look back and see.
You gave your all to protect American’s like you and me.

Written by Author Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Dedicated to President Barack Obama
Copyrighted 12-2014

Our flag might be tattered but the eagle is NOT sleeping! Our military stand ready at a moments notice to protect our people and our nation!!

Then, Now and Forever!


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