Reginald the Rhino Beetle(audio)


Deep inside the woods underneath rotten leaves and debris lives a very famous beetle named Reginald the Rhino. The reason his name is so fitting is that he reminds everyone of the Rhinoceros with his large horns sticking out of his head.

He eats all the rotten fruits and sap from the trees. He is the strongest beetle in the world. He uses his horns to dig holes in the ground for his hideouts. He lifts the heavy litter off the forest floor and fights with other beetles for the females. He wears black armor to protect him from other beetle’s horns.

Reginald is only 2 inches or so long. He weighs less than one ounce yet he can lift 850 times his own body weight. If a person could lift 850 times his own body weight he would be able to lift over 60 tons of weight.

“Yeah baby I am the strongest living insect on the earth. When you see ME coming just MOVE aside cause a lot of folks didn’t and a lot of folks died.” Reginald boasted proudly. “I’m a member of the scarab family and proud of all my ancestors.”

“You look and act tough but you are really quite harmless to humans. It is other insects that have to watch out for your horns and vice claws.” Geraldine nodded. “Don’t you wish you could yank one of those stupid teenage boys down who wears his pants hanging off his butt? Why do they like to show off their underwear for Pete’s sake? You need to get a grip on some of those boys and rip their pants off.”

“Aw they just think they are cool that’s all. When you talk about cool I am the King of cool. I just can’t help if I am the strongest in the world. I float like the butterfly and sting like a bee. I am black like my brother Mohammed Ali!” Reginald said showing a huge grin.

“Ok that is enough! Don’t get carried away with all the Mohammed Ali stuff. That is old news. You need to think of a new line.” Geraldine sighed protesting the king of cool statement.

“When you got it, you got it. All of us rhino beetles are the strongest and we will fight for our ladies. I’ll rip off arms and legs to win my sweet little darlings. I’m bad to the bone!” He boasted.

“Why don’t you just brag a little bit?” Geraldine exclaimed putting her hands over her ears.

“Oh Reggie! Could you come over here and move his huge pile of leaves for me. I’m trying to clean up around here and I am just not strong enough to get it all done.” Daisy called from a log close by.

“Why sure sugar! King Reggie is on duty. Just watch how fast I can move that pile of rubbish.” Reggie boasted as he marched like a soldier into battle.

“Oh my goodness Reggie you are so strong. Would you like to stay for dinner and maybe some dancing later?” Daisy said softly hoping she could charm Reggie into staying.

The evening came and went and Reginald wined and dined with Daisy. He held her in his strong arms and kissed her on her cheek. “Who’s your daddy now?” Reggie wooed.

The woods were dark and the wind whistled through the trees. Reggie had charmed Daisy with his soft words and strong arms. It wouldn’t be long until he was a father again keeping the cycle of life always moving.

There would be hundreds of little Rhino beetles running everywhere keeping the woods alive and the eco system in perfect balance.

Question: From whom does the Rhino beetle get its name?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 9-2011