Scooter, the Dog Without a Tooter/ A Children’s Story

Once upon a time in a very small town, on a very small street and in a very small brick house lives a little black Yorkie dog. His name is Scooter Rooter. He has been named Scooter the Rooter because he is so tiny he scooted between the legs of the two other bigger dogs if he wanted to get food or drink.

Yorkshire Terriers are known for the trotting all over the house investigating everything in sight. As was a custom of the Yorkshires, Scooter plays all day with strange objects he found to be interesting such as a hair brush Mrs. Button accidentally left on the table next to her recliner. He wasted no time in pulling each bristle out and leaving a small pile right under the foot of her chair. She would surely find it when she had to get up to answer the ringing of the black plastic thing that kept ringing all day long.

At first his big brothers looked at him as a tasty bite of food and Mrs. Buttons kept a close eye on him. She kept him in a small crate when she was out of the house for fear that one of the larger Pomeranians might decide to take a hunk out of him for spite. Pooh Bear the brownish-red Pomeranian plays with him a little bit but always took things from him. When Mrs. Buttons saw Pooh Bear yank things out of his mouth she comes to his rescue. This only makes Pooh Bear more determined to do it again when she was not looking. It only made Scooter know he could get away with lots more when his owner was home.

Scooter is as fast as lightning and is very smart. He can figure things out by just grabbing on and seeing what happens to him. Mrs. Button never takes him outside unless he is on a leash because he gets so excited to see new things he doesn’t see the greasy spots on the driveway or the thorns on the rose bushes. He loves to watch the butterflies and always does his best to catch one.

Mrs. Buttons began wondering if there was a problem with Scooter when he was only a puppy because he never made a sound. Pooh Bear and Riley would run to meet folks at the door and would be making an awful noise barking. Scooter would whine a little bit and scratch on the doors but never barked at all.

“I suppose I should take him to the doctor and see if there is any reason why he is not barking.” Mrs. Buttons said to her husband.

“Oh my goodness! He will bark when he is ready.” Mr. Button replied.

Mrs. Buttons loved to take all three dogs on walks but she has to be extra careful with Scooter because he loves to dash out if he sees another person nearby. He loves the challenge of a cat scampering across the road. Mrs. Buttons has to teach him how to behave by saying “No No!” repeatedly. After a few dozen times he gets the idea.

Riley is the oldest Pomeranian and he normally just sleeps most of the day away. Scooter is just an inconvenience to him so he doesn’t get upset if Scooter pounced upon his back. Pooh Bear is younger but larger than Scooter. He uses his weight and height to get whatever he wants from Scooter. He always grabs hold of the bones and snatch them with force sending Scooter flying through the air.

Teaching Scooter not to pee in the house is a hard job for Mrs. Buttons because Scooter grabs hold of the puppy pee paper and tears it into shreds. He thinks it was wonderful to leave the back hall littered with white papers when Mrs. Buttons comes home from the grocery store. Mrs. Buttons has trained the other dogs by putting pee papers down and showing them where to go. Then when they were older she will take them outside and let them find a good spot to relieve themselves.

The Pomeranians are quick to learn but alas Scooter Roo decides to wait and just spend his time outside playing. After all, he can use the pee papers inside should he need to do so. He has decided to never go outside if it was cold or raining. He sees the coats on the others and also smells them after a trip in the rain. It is a bit disgusting to him. Why would one want to get wet just to pee?

Mrs. Buttons knows barking has to be controlled from day one but this little spunky fellow she has named Scooter Roo simply remains silent refusing to bark even if his brothers yipped their heads off. He will be original. He is the tiny Yorkshire Terrier dog who refuses to bark like all the other dogs.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months but Scooter refused to bark.

“I know he knows how to bark because I hear him doing it softly in his dreams.” Mr. Buttons reminded Mrs. Buttons. He wanted to reassure her nothing was wrong with her beloved pet.

Scooter was born in the month of September and he was now one year old. Mrs. Buttons knew from previous pets when a dog gets to be one year old he is pretty much developed fully. After a year dogs only gain weight if not given the proper exercise.

So Scooter Roo is still a fascination to everyone in the small town. He stands proudly giving intelligent looks and still runs outside hoping to catch a butterfly or a squirrel who dares to come all the way down the willow oak trees. He still thinks he is as big as his brothers and thinks nothing of pouncing on them causing a ruckus. He still tears up his pee pads when Mrs. Buttons leaves the house and he still keeps the larger dogs away from his food bowl. After all, the food is given to everyone and he chooses to be very possessive of his part.

So if you have a pet that does not bark or make familiar noises get him checked by a pet doctor. If he finds nothing wrong, then just enjoy the silence for a while longer. You just never know when they might get up one morning and decide to bark. Enjoy the silence while you can.

Question: What month was Scooter born?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved.
Copyrighted 12-2014


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