Scrub B the Toothbrush(audio)





Just underneath a big wide mirror in the bathroom sits a glass holder and it holds four toothbrushes.
One toothbrush is pink and her name is Soft T. One toothbrush is green and its name is Stiff E. One toothbrush is yellow and its name is Bristle and the last toothbrush is red named Scrub B. They all hang on the holder waiting for the opportunity to massage their owner’s gums and teeth.

Scrub B is the oldest and most firm of the brushes. He is the highest on the pecking order of brushes.

“Hey guess what folks? We have new toothpaste in the holder. It is replacing the ColdGate and is tasty pink. The kids will love it. It looks like peppermint but the label says it is for sensitive teeth. We will get to shine up the enamel tonight.” Scrub B announced loudly.

“Who cares?” Stiff E answered with one eye partially open. “I’m taking a nap. Every time I just about get to sleep someone comes in here for something. This is the most active room in the entire house!” He complained.

“Don’t be so negative!” Soft T whispered. At least we have a good home and people who treat us well. I’ve read where some brushes now have electricity running through them. It must be awfully painful. I’m glad I’m old fashioned. Brushing twice a day is just fine with me too.”

“I am just glad they have mouth wash. Gee every morning when Mr. Andrews gets up, his breath would stop an elephant in its tracks. I have to suffer through the brushing to get his mouth clean again. Then before night falls he is back again with the same stinky breath. I do wish he would stop smoking those cigarettes. They can’t be good for you if they leave such yellow yucky stuff on your teeth.”Bristle complained.

“It’s just the same thing day in and day out. I’m glad they have room deodorizer too. I can’t believe the way some people leave this room smelling. You would think a family of skunks just left.” Soft T laughed.

“I’ve enjoyed hanging around with you fellows. I wanted to tell you just in case I get replaced soon. I’m getting a little worn and the lady of the house likes her toothbrushes to be in good brushing order. So if she suddenly comes in and I’m out of here just know I’ll be in the drawer with all the junk stuff. They will most likely be using me for scrubbing shoes, tile or who knows what else. There is a million and one things a toothbrush can be used for these days.” He said rolling his eyes from left the right.

“We’ve enjoyed hanging with you too. We most likely will all be back together in a few months. With the prices of everything going up and up I don’t expect to see the electric ones anytime soon.”Soft T frowned. “Thank the good dentist everywhere we have no cavities here in this house.

“If we just hang out for a few more months we are likely to have a new addition. I understand the lady of the house is having a baby. There will be another brush hanging here soon.” Scrub B announced. “Just keep stiff upper lips fellows.” He said teasingly.

“Oh no here they come again! I just give up! There is no rest in this place at all. I guess we are not the only ones getting used though.” Bristles yelled.

And so it came to be that the four brushes soon had an addition. It was much smaller, a great deal softer and blue of course. The bathroom is still the most used room in the house except the kitchen. I understand the refrigerator is getting a good opening and closing too.

Have a good day and don’t forget to brush your teeth my little ones. You do not want to disappoint any of the brushes hanging in your bathroom, now do you? They are watching and listening you know! Just because you can’t see their faces doesn’t mean they are not there somewhere.

Question: How many times a day should you brush your teeth?

Written By Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 9-2011