Stinky Feet And Toe Jam Meet Fungus And Family/ A children’s Story

A Mean Germ

Once upon a time in a very small town lived three germs. They were very small and most people do not see them at all. The local kids called them cooties because they would sneak inside bodies and take out all of their weapons. Oh they have lots of weapons in their arsenal. They would float around inside the warm bodies and cause everyone to become very sick. No place is free from these wicked creatures. They breed like flies and can live for weeks. They are not nice at all.

One of the germs name was Bacteria. He caused people to have upset stomachs, colds and flu even pneumonia. He also would hide inside shoes and made them stick to high heavens. He simply adored being covered by warm socks.

The second germ was called Virus. His green and yellow body is so tiny it can only be seen under a machine called a microscope. He loved to float through the air into malls and especially in doctor’s offices. Virus loved to show his fist when someone swallowed him. He opened his bag of weapons causing the person he was inside to vomit, sneeze, and have a really bad stomach ache. His friends Fever and Chills joined him and the party was on.

The third germ was called Fungi. His back face could be seen under the toenail of his victims. He would attack the person he was living in causing a red rash to appear. He was ruthless and would do anything to cause pain. He called his victims his host because he lived there and didn’t mind invading anyone’s body. He would travel from the bathtub to a person’s feet. Once there he would sneak in between the toes and cause an awful rash. He was so evil he caused many people’s toe nails to turn black and fall off. When this happened he celebrated inviting all the other germs to come to the party.

Once the party began Fungi would call Protozoa his partner in crime to come and sing. Protozoa loved to live in moist areas on his host. He multiplied at a rapid rate causing any animal or living thing to have diarrhea and nausea. He loved his odd name. He would call out to the other germs and tell them how to say his name.

“My name is Protozoa. Can you say Pro-toh-ZOH-uh. Isn’t that a fantastic name?
I’m so proud of it. It makes me feel special because there is none like me.” He giggled. “I can be found most anywhere. I love to spread my weapons in water and moist places. People can’t see me either so I just spread all I want to.” He continued.

“When I get inside my host I just snuggle in and stay for weeks. I use up all the energy and eat up all the foods value. I can even make things so toxic that folks will get infections, fever, coughs and vomiting. Oh no one likes to have me around. They are eager to kick me out.” Protozoa said proudly.

“Mom people at school call me Stinky Feet. They make fun of me all the time.” Ronnie said softly.

“Well dear that just means that you need to wash those tennis shoes more often and take your socks off when you get home. Oh! Don’t forget once you scrub your feet really good with soap and water, you must sprinkle some of your dad’s foot powder on your feet. There is nothing to be ashamed of but you must do it on a daily basis. Once you do this regularly you will not have stinky feet any longer.” His mother smiled.

“How can we protect ourselves from all these germs?” Melissa asked joining in the conversation.

“Most germs are spread through the air in sneezes, coughs, or even breaths. Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Protozoa and all germs can spread in sweat, saliva, and blood. Some just pass from person to person by touching something that is contaminated. Door knobs, and counter tops are good places to get germs. Did you know that shaking hands with someone who has a cold and then touching your own nose will let those germ boys right inside you?” Mrs. Benton raised an eyebrow denoting she was deadly serious.

“I placed some nice smelling soap and a bottle of gel which as alcohol in it in both bathrooms. When you wash your hands with soap and water be sure to get the dirt from under your fingernails. Use warm water!” He cautioned. “Some older people tell you to sing Happy Birthday while washing your hands. I suppose they figured that was long enough washing.” She smiled.

“Oh Rats!” Bacteria screamed. “I just hate those people who go around showing people how to prepare a war against us. I know full well how we spread. I also know my best trick is sneaking on a person’s hands. It is just awesome to go from one hand to another in one effortless motion. For years we attacked with a vengeance and we caused hospital rooms to fill up easily. Now those prissy teachers and moms are keeping us from enjoying our much needed vacation trips.” He frowned.

Most germs are spread through the air in sneezes, coughs, or even breaths. Germs can also spread in sweat, saliva, and blood. Some pass from person to person by touching something that is contaminated, like shaking hands with someone who has a cold and then touching your own nose.

“If word gets out that staying clear our best travel methods is the best way to protect them from us, we are doomed.” Virus growled.

“All we can do is work really hard making people sneeze into the air and cough without covering their big mouths we can win this battle.” Bacteria sighed.

“Don’t forget about me!” Fungi snorted. “I need to keep people from cleaning the showers and tubs. If they find out that bleach will kill me I will be history.” Fungi stated. He covered his eyes and wrinkled his nose.

The battle to eliminate all of these germ family continues from small towns to monster cities. Health care organizations are working hard to get the message out to one and all.
Are you doing your part? Bacteria, Virus, Fungi and Protozoa are fighting without gloves. They are now called heavy weights in the medical field. Watch out for them and pass the word around.

Question: Which of the germs causes a rash between the toes and the toenail to come off?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 10-2014

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