The Angels Stopped The Train/A Children’s Story

Angie had become a rebellious teenager and refused to go to Sunday School. Church was not on her list of priorities. She had become fashion conscious and wore all the cool clothes she could find in the department stores. She refused to keep her room clean and had taken up the bad habit of smoking to impress her friends. She had just had her sixteenth birthday and now considered herself an adult. Most of her time was spent on the cell phone her parents provided and driving her friends from place to place.

“Angie are you no longer attending church with your family?” Her classmate Peter asked curiously.

“No I am not going to church anymore. I have so much to do and so little time. I just can’t seem to get out of bed on Sunday mornings.” Angie answered with a sigh.

“Are you still dating Michael? I noticed him talking to several girls at the bowling alley the other night.”

“Well we are still dating some and I guess we are still friends. I just can’t put up with his jealousy. He wants to know where I am every second and that drives me crazy.” Angie propped her hands upon her hips displaying her anxiety.

“Well I think he really cares about you. He doesn’t do drugs or drink like some of the fellows in your circle.” Peter continued.

“Get off my back Peter. I am old enough to do what I want to do. Drugs and alcohol are cool things to do. I don’t see the harm in any of it!” She snapped angrily.

Peter closed the door behind him as he left Angie’s house. It was Sunday and he was headed to church.

Angie was restless and needed something to make her feel good. She reached in her purse and took out a couple of pills her friend had given to her.

“I’ll take one now and save one for later.” She mumbled to herself.

The day dragged on and the dinner dishes were finished. Angie felt she had done more than her part by cleaning up the kitchen. Now it was time to party with her friends at the Wagon Wheel. Everyone would be there and she dare not be late.

Her white Honda sped along the highway, her headlights shining through the dark night. She approached the railroad tracks quickly and failed to see the oncoming train. As her eyes caught a glimpse of the trains light her body froze in fear. Her mind was numb. She was sure to hit the train. Her fate was sealed and she knew it.

It seemed like forever when she finally was able to respond to the voice outside her car.

“Are you alright Miss?” The police officer asked as he tapped on the window.

“I’m not sure!” Angie blurted out. “What happened to the train?” She asked as her mind tried to recall the last few minutes.

“The engineer said he had to stop because there were some men standing on the tracks. It’s stopped now!” The officer responded.

“Cut off your car. Do you need me to call someone for you?” He instructed.

“No I am fine. I just can’t seem to remember how I got across the railroad tracks.” She said rubbing her eyes with her hands for clarity.

“The engineer said the two men stopped the train and moved your car to the other side.” The officer replied.” He said they were very tall men all dressed in white but we haven’t been able to find them around here anywhere.” The policeman replied as his eyes searched the area once more.

“It looks like the angels stopped the train Miss.” He smiled. “If I were you I believe I’d whisper a prayer!”

Angie knew the officer was right! God had given her a second chance!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 8-2011

Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil… It has no point!