The Boogie Man Is Coming!(audio)/A Children’s Story

The Boogie Man is Coming!

Down a long dirt road far from anyone’s house stood an old two story wood framed house. The paint had chipped off and the boards on the porch were cracked and broken. Vines of ivy twined their way up the side of the house totally surrounding the chimney. Tall oak trees with enormous trunks stood spreading their vast limbs over the roof. Broken branches lay everywhere and tall weeds had made the yard their home. There was no path or walkway showing that anyone lived in the house. Only the tattered curtains could still be seen through the scratched windows. This was the house in which the Boogie Man had lived and no one dared go inside of it.

The story was that Mr. and Mrs. Whitmore built the grand estate when they were married. They did not spare expenses when choosing all the fine wood inside or the winding stairway that led upward to the second floor. The yards were green with grass and rose bushes splashed color everywhere as did tulips, lilies and camellias. The couple were delighted when their first child was born and spoiled him terribly. It was after he started attending public school that people began to notice his strange behavior. Folks said he loved to catch cats and dogs to use in his chamber of torture. Dogs of all sizes would turn and leave if they sensed Randall in the area. This was only the beginning for Randall. He later began enticing boys and girls to come to his house to play. Few were ever found or ever returned to their homes. Those who were found were mindless creatures whose eyes only stared into total emptiness.

Parents of all the children in the county told stories about what had happened and cautioned their own children never to talk to strangers. Randall’s name was soon whispered everywhere in Petersburg. It wasn’t until bodies of people began to appear in strange places that the towns folk really became alarmed. They quickly began locking their doors and nailing down windows. I suppose they had hoped that it was all talk. It was about that time Randall became known as the Boogie man. Parents, children and friends suddenly found themselves telling others that “the Boogie man” was coming to get them if they were not good!
Parents walked or drove their children to school. No one went outside alone. The tiny town was turned upside down and no one felt safe.

Randall was a tall muscular fellow with large hairy hands. He never kept his fingernails trimmed so they grew like claws. His eyes were as dark and the midnight. He had a laugh that sent chills down the backs of anyone who heard it. He was a hardy fellow eating pretty much anything. His weight soon became out of control and it wasn’t long until his family had to send him away to a hospital for a while. They had hoped there might be something the doctors could do to allow them to keep him at home. Each time Randall returned home horrible things began to happen all over again. Men took out their shotguns and women were prisoners in their own homes. Children became afraid of the dark and afraid to sleep by themselves. Tales of Randall were possessing the tiny town of Petersburg.

The doctors at the state mental hospital prescribed medicines to keep Randall calm and mellow. They were hoping that he could be controlled with drugs and each time he returned the dosage was increased. Randall was not seen for years and the towns folk thought all was well. The Whitmore family was finally able to keep Randall at home and away from anyone he could harm. They loved Randall and did not want to have him placed into a mental hospital forever. Until one day Randall decided he was tired of watching children play outside his window and stopped taking his medicine. He wanted to play as well but his games were morbid to say the least.

Randall lost control and abducted a girl named Brenda Sue as she rode her bicycle near the school. Her body was found in a ditch partially covered with dead leaves. Police went immediately to the Whitmore home since Randall was their main suspect. The head of the girl was found wrapped neatly and placed at the bottom of the families freezer they kept in the basement. Randall was arrested and sent away to the mental hospital where he was to stay for the rest of his life.

Years passed and life returned to its normal daily hum- drum in Petersburg. The talk of Randall died down as well but the old house was scarred for life. People have a way of shunning the parents of a child who has gone astray and so it was with the Whitmore’s. They lived to themselves until their death. Their will made the house to Randall should he ever be well enough to return.

Some people say that Randall did return and still lives in the aged estate home. Some people say you can see his lantern burning deep in the midnight hours. Decades in a mental hospital can change the appearance of anyone. Could Randall still be the boogie man waiting for his next victim or could it be someone else? One would have to go inside the old house to be sure but would they ever come out again? You had better listen to your parents and never talk to strangers for the Boogie man is still roaming the streets waiting for YOU!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted June 2011

Question for children. What did Randall do to the girl he abducted?