The Dark Child(audio)/ A Children’s Story




“Someones Little Boy”


Once upon a time deep in the south there was born a little baby boy. His mother being much to old to give birth had a difficult time in delivery and as a result the little baby boy was not mentally well. The doctors advised the parents to be very careful with him as his bones were very brittle and could break easily. The little boy was named Sonny and he grew up as all children do but with limitations. His legs became too frail to support his weight so the doctors decided to prescribe braces to help him. The braces could not stop the little tot from playing and as he grew, one could see him flying around the yard as a make believe airplane. His lean arms carried a stick of sorts and he twirled it as if it were the propellers. He even made the sounds with his mouth so he looked and sounded as much like an airplane as possible.

As he grew his parents and the doctors noticed that his learning capabilities were limited. He could not learn as easily as the other children and fell grossly behind in his first grade work. He tried to write but his fingers trembled so much that his writing was almost unrecognizable. Children in the school made fun of him at recess because he would revert back to being a walking airplane and fly around the playground making his usual airplane sounds. He could not make it to the second grade and the principal advised his parents that it would be better to take him out of school and to home school him or to put him in a special school.

His parents were very poor farmers and worked hard just to survive. Sonny was never home schooled nor sent to a special school. He was taught only what his parents knew and that was very little. His father planted the crops and his mother milked the cows for butter, cheese and milk to drink. She helped gather the vegetables and watched Sonny play around the farm. His only time away from home was when he went to church on Sunday with his parents and occasionally to see a doctor. His clothes were ordered from the Sears Roebuck Catalog and so were his shoes.

Sonny longed to play with the children across the fields but his parents would not allow him to go into anyone else yard. He was limited in all aspects of life. All he knew when he was growing up was his mother and his father. There were no playmates, no aunts or uncles to visit, no schools or playing in the park. The postman began to leave Sonny his copy of the National Geographic Magazine and a few magazines that simply were unclaimed. It was like Christmas for Sonny. Each day he sat near the mailbox watching for the mailman to come and each night his parents read to him from this literature.

As Sonny grew older he was not taught about sex or anything relating to it. He wandered why his body was changing but no one would answer his innocent questions. As all boys grow they soon become interested in the opposite sex and so did Sonny. His father became harsh and cruel when Sonny asked simple questions about himself or girls that lived just over the hill. He was taught about animals and how an animal reproduced but was never taught about mankind and how babies were born. So this leads him to wander the community hiding in barns and such to watch the women. His insatiable appetite grew daily and he longed to kiss a girl just like he had seen in the magazine. Step by step his longings and desires grew until one day he began to sneak into homes and steal things that belonged to girls hiding them in the loft of his father’s barn. He took women’s clothes off clotheslines and watched as his fathers animals copulated. He asked his father many questions about the farm animals and his father simply stated that was the way they multiplied. It was a cut and dried answer.

It wasn’t long until Sonny began to mimic the animals. When his father discovered this he took all Sonnies’ magazines and burned them. He was not allowed near any of the farm animals and confined to his room most of the day and all night. By the time Sonny reached the age of sixteen he was running away to near by farms mimicking the animals to fulfill his sexual urges. He soon became a night stalker and began to peep into windows and bathrooms.

By the age of eighteen his strength overpowered his parents and he was sent to a home for mentally disturbed adults. What he had been denied at home he quickly learned in the home of the mentally handicapped. It wasn’t long until the doctors were forced to give him medicines to curb his sexual appetite. These drugs affected him so much he was almost like a zombie. His parents went to visit and saw his pale thin body. His mother decided she could not bear to see him in such a state and signed for him to come home. All went well for a season. Sonny loved being home and was determined not to do anything to cause anymore problems. However as time went by he began to hide in barns and peep into windows again.

His father died and Sonny felt as if he had to become the head of the house. He did not miss his father but he did miss his father’s controlling power over him. Now he would have that power! This would be the beginning of the end for Sonny’s mother and Sonny as well.

As time passed his mother grew thin and could not keep up the farm. The fields were not tilled or planted. The cows had to be sold and the house itself lost its appeal. The paint began peeling off and the steps rotted and fell apart. The yards grew up until it appeared no one actually lived in the old farm house. Each week Sonny’s mother asked someone from church to take her to the grocery store to buy supplies. Sonny would go along and soon people from the community became afraid to help his mother. Once again his mother was forced to send Sonny to a mental institution. There he stayed for many years. He grew bigger, stronger and more determined to get out. Once again his mother decided to give him another chance. This time she called a lady that worked in a deliverance program and a prison program. They were taken weekly to get groceries and even took them to clothing stores to purchase clothes.

Then it happened! Sonny’s mother became Sonny’s possession and it wasn’t along until the abuse took her life. It was the end for Sonny’s mother and the end for Sonny as well. There was no one to teach him right from wrong and before long he was once again pillaging and plundering the neighborhoods. It didn’t take long for the police to become involved and Sonny send back to the mental institution, this time for good.

Sonny still lives if you can call it living in the state mental institution. He remains a lost soul who from an infant had no chance to become a normal child. When a child is not taught and not socialized as a child their future soon breeds monsters of men. It is not good for man to be alone. Isolation causes the mind to resort to evil for mankind’s greatest desire is to be free. How many parents are creating monsters today?

Written by Sybil Shearin

All Rights Reserved

Copyrighted 5-2011

Based on a true story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Question: What is a night stalker? Why was Sonny not told about sexual things?