The Darkest Storm (audio)/ A Children’s Story

Jesus Is Savior In The Darkest Storm


The ocean was restless its waves rolling like mighty thunders onto the sands once a vacation spot for the young and old. These mountainous waves brought the winds from far beyond and followed by the wind came the sheets of rain pounding down like hailstones.

The heavens became dark and eerie. The men at sea watched trying to swallow their fears yet knowing their small ships were like cardboard boxes floating in a devils watery grave.

Surfers so young and foolish grabbed their surf board hoping to catch the monster wave once more. Little did they know that this monster’s force would send them to their doom?

Everyone on the coast of the United States had seen storms, hurricanes and floods for centuries. They were no stranger to the worldly plagues, yet this time it felt morbidly different.

Owners of businesses and homeowners boarded up windows hoping to ride out this storm like they had done so many times before. They had invested everything they had into this piece of land whose only foundation was laid on shifting sand.

Sirens screamed down streets trying to warn people to get to safety. Then it suddenly became very dark. Darkness fell like a thick wet blanket everywhere and on everything. Power lines snapped like tiny matchsticks and roof tops took wings disappearing into the eerie pitch of night. Hell had come to pay a visit to these greedy lost money hungry investors and it did not come to play.

The ocean swept across streets engulfing everything and everyone in its path. These nimble minded people actually thought they could limit the ocean God had spoken into existence. As the waters hurled across the sandy coast everything living in lakes, marshes, lagoons and everglades came together into one big body of water. Crocodiles, snakes, sharks, jelly fish and animals man had never seen before came from deep on the oceans floor into the vacation paradise made by man.

Children screamed in fear as their tiny eyes searched for security and safety. Concrete buildings rushed down streets moving and crashing, then dissolving into the deadly arms of the sea. Cars once parked along store fronts looked like matchbox toys owned by small children. The mighty ocean leaped over barricades and reinforced walls with ease. The roaring wind thundered like a thousand trains all meeting at the same time and the same place.

Lovers and party goers held onto each other as terror gripped them body, mind and soul. There was no way out. There was no place to go. Evil flooded the liquor stores, the casinos, the bars and the lewd parlors of sexual pleasures. Destruction had come and planned to stay for a long time.


All highways were lined with cars for miles hoping in vain to escape the storm. Bridges made of steel collapsed sweeping all life out to sea.

People thought the government could save them, insurance companies could replace their lost homes, banks would forgive unpaid mortgages but these pleasures seeking people had finally met their waterloo.

How big are the heavens and how far do they reach? Man will never know. How deep is god’s ocean? The depths are so deep mankind will never see all that lives in the depths of the ocean. Creatures God placed in the ocean over 2000 years ago were never destroyed by the great flood. The brain of man is like a gnat when standing before the great I AM!

The president delivers a state of emergency to address the natural disaster. His promises are in vain for he knows already that there is no money in the government programs anymore and the world is in utter chaos as it stands upon God’s stage.

Earthquakes and tsunami’s rear their ugly heads warning all inhabitants on the earth’s crust that an explosion is about to happen that will go from the North Pole to the South Pole. No nation is safe; no man is an island, and no king rules earth anymore. China, Russia, Syria, Libya, and Africa are progressing rapidly into the Middle East to Armageddon the war to end all wars.

Hours turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years but there is little recovery. Nothing can stop an ocean for every word God has spoken will come to pass as the darkest storm the world has ever knows wraps its cold icy fingers of death around the entire globe. There is no way to stop this happening for does not lie. If He said it, believe it with all of your heart.

The only hope mankind has is in God’s only Son, Jesus Christ. If you will believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, and the only way of salvation, He will wrap His sweet arms around you delivering you from this storm already sweeping across kingdoms, countries and nations. The darkest storm ever seen by human eyes is here.

The fairies cannot help you. The witch doctors cannot remove the forces of evil, the heads of government are only puppets, and man’s armies are only toy soldiers.

The time has come to decide what you are going to do when there is no power, no food, and money is worthless. There will be only one way of escape the pillaging and stealing. There is only one way to avoid the darkest storm. What are you going to do when there is no way of escape? In whom will you put your trust during the darkest of all storms?

Question: Who is the only one who can deliver you during the darkest storm?

Written by Sybil Shearin

All Rights Reserved.

Copyrighted 8-2011

The Good Shepard Watches Over HIS Children