The Evil Red Eye(audio)

Once upon a time long long ago in a very small town in Arizona along the Colorado River, there lived a man who gazed at the stars every night. As he gazed into the heavens he would call out to the evil one and offer to make a trade. He wanted to trade one of his eyes for one that could see further, turn another color, and lead him into houses that possessed great amounts of gold.

Each night at the stroke of midnight he would gaze up into the heavens and call to the evil one.

“Come out where I can see you Satan for I have a trade to make with you. I want to trade my blue eye for a red eye that can lead me to piles of gold. My blue eye can not see very well and I need one that can see for many miles. I need one that can see in the dark, oh Lord Satan. If you are real and not just a myth, then come out and let’s make a trade.” Ajarh called out loudly.

He was about to give up hopes that there really was a person called Satan when one night as he was asking for Satan to come trade with him, there appeared before him a blue mist. His eyes became wide with anticipation and he became a bit unbalanced to see this goat-like being standing before him.

“You have called to me for many days. I was about to think you were not serious and you would give up soon. I understand you wish to trade one of your blue eyes for a magic red one. Am I correct?” Satan asked cunningly.

“Yes indeed I do. I have heard that you can do great things so I decided to see if you were real or just a story passed down from the ages. Can you exchange my eye for a magic red eye that can see in the dark, see for a great distance and lead me to great riches?” Ajarh asked bowing before the king of darkness.

“I can do whatever your heart desires. However in order to make this trade you must be aware that I cannot take back the eye I give you and your blue eye will be gone forever. You will also have to pay me extra for this trade. Since you have no money to bargain with I will accept your soul.” Satan answered quickly.

“I have no soul, no conscious, and my spirit is vexed beyond measure. I want to be as wealthy as a king. I will do whatever you wish but this must happen quickly. I have no time to waste for I am aging day by day.” Ajarh continued.

“Very well I will take your blue eye and replace it with a crystal eye with a red pupil. It will be able to see for miles and lead you to places where large amounts of gold are stored. I will accept your soul as payment. The moment you die your soul will be totally mine forever.” Satan grinned.

“Get on with it if you are so powerful. Let me see what you can do.” Ajarh quickly responded.

Satan held up his left hand and mumbled words only he could understand. As he lowered his hand there appeared a blue mist and it whirled in Ajarh’s direction completely engulfing him. Around and around the mist swirled then finally came to a stop. When the mist disappeared Ajarh demanded a mirror to see his new eye. Satan was quick to respond and there appeared a full length mirror before Ajarh. Looking into the mirror, Ajarh was overtaken with excitement. His blue eye was gone and in its place was a shiny crystal eye with a red pupil exactly like a goat’s eye. It went east to west rather than being rounded as his other eye was.

“There the deal is done!” Satan laughed loudly. “Now you see I am for real and I can do whatever anyone else can do. I suggest you be on your way for the clock is ticking my fine friend. Please do not call me again. I will come to you when it is time.” Satan concluded with a wink of his evil eye.

As quickly as he came so did he leave? Ajarh ran into his house to bathe and dress for his new day. He would waste no time in getting his gold.

As the days passed Ajarh’s red eye carried him into the homes of the rich and famous. He left with all the gold he could carry. Before long he had so much gold he had no where to put it all. So he began building warehouses to put more in. He worked day and night building bigger warehouses. Then one day he awoke from his night’s rest with his eye burning terribly. Looking into the mirror he discovered the entire eye had turned red as fire. The pain was very uncomfortable but he proceeded to gather more gold.

At the end of the first month Ajarh’s face began to sag and deep wrinkles appeared. He had not taken the time to eat correctly and was losing weight. He had to tighten up his belt to keep his trousers from falling off. Still he continued. The red eye took him into a palace and showed him vast amounts of gold. He would go home and come up with a plan to steal the gold. This would be all he would ever need and he could now begin to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Upon entering the bathroom he looked at his reflection in the mirror over the sink. His hair was coming out by the hands full, his skin was that of an eighty year old man, and his red eye was getting smaller.

“Well I won’t need you for much longer. I can live like a king with only one eye if I have to.” He sighed.

As he was leaving the palace with a wagon full of gold he accidentally tripped and fell. His red eye popped out and rolled away disappearing from Ajarh’s sight. The sun had begun to set and he could not see where it had gone. Reluctantly he left without the eyeball.

“I’ll just wear a patch over my eye. I’ll have me another one crafted and no one will ever know.” He mumbled to himself.

As the wagon turned the curve which led to his home he noticed something in the air. It smelled like smoke.

As his house came into sight he could see the flames leaping high into the heavens. All of his buildings were gone and his house was engulfed as well. His heart sank!

“I have no eye, my gold is all gone and my body is going back to the dust. All I have left is my spirit. At least I have that much left.” He rambled on into the darkness.

“Time is up!” A voice called out of the darkness. “It is time for me to collect.” Satan roared with laughter. “Give me your soul so I can be on my way. I have many other fools to meet with tonight!”

With that being said, Satan reached out his bony fingers and swept up Ajarh’s spirit. With a wink and a nod Satan disappeared into the heavens from which he came.

“I am real but no one believes it!” Satan’s voice echoed over the canyons. “Oh well that is a good thing for me. Hell will be filled with unbelievers like ole Ajarh and his red eye.

In an instant the red eye ball rolled out of the wagon, fell upon the ground and disappeared never to be seen again.

It is never a wise thing to bargain with the devil for he is the king of deception and you will lose everytime. The soul lives forever somewhere either in hell or in heaven. It is your choice!

Question: What did Ajarh lose in the trade with Satan?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 9-2011

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