The God I Serve Can Fix Me Again(audio)/Children’s Stories


Once upon a time not so very long ago on a wet slippery road a young teenage boy was following his mother in his car. He was only sixteen years old and his father had bought him his first car.

The sunshine had not been seen all day and the rain still peppered down upon the black asphalt. His mother who was driving ahead of him went through the stop light but it turned red as Brandon approached it. He sat there thinking of the curve just a few miles down the road. He wondered if he could drive around the curve as fast as his brother had. With his mother a few miles ahead of him, he decided to see how fast he could go around the well known curve.

His foot pressed the petal making the car go as fast as he could as he approached the curve. Before he could think, he lost control of the car and it went off the road turning over and over. He was thrown out of the passenger window because he was NOT wearing his seat belt.

Minutes later, his mother received a call on her cell phone telling her that Brandon was lying in the field and his car destroyed. She quickly turned around and sped to the sight of the accident. There she saw her beloved son covered in blood.

The ambulance sirens could be heard for miles as they raced to the scene. Brandon was taken to the trauma center of the hospital where he had to have a steel rod placed in his thigh to repair the broken femur. His body was cut, bruised and wounded from head to toe.

When Brandon opened his eyes he saw his mother and dad standing at his side. Would Brandon survive?

His lips moved slowly and his voice was soft as he whispered these words.

“The God I serve can never fail me and I know He will always be around. The time has come for me to stand upon His word. I don’t know what kind of God you are serving but I know my God is alive and He loves me. No matter how bad the devil hurts me, I know that God will give me a brand new life. That’s the kind of God that I serve.” Brandon mumbled softly.

“Yes you are so right!” His mother agreed as the tears ran down her face. “He’s the God on the platform, He’s God at my back door, He’s God at the amen corner and He’s God down on the floor.” She sang the old song they had both learned at church.

“He’s God when the lightening flashes and God when the thunder rolls. He is God up in heaven and He is the God down in my soul!” Brandon voiced as his lips moving slowly.

“He is God in England! He is God in North Carolina. He is God in the hospital and He is the healer who is going to heal all of me!” Brandon continued.

His mother’s tears fell from her face onto the white sheets upon his hospital bed. She was so happy that Brandon had remembered the wonderful old song that he had sung in church many times.

“He’s there when you need Him! He’s with us here in this room right now. He’s the God that will never change. He’s the God that moves mountains and He’s the God whose hands have already started healing you.” His mother agreed quickly.

“He’s there when you need Him…He’s right here! You don’t have to moan and you don’t have to groan, you can stand on His word…That’s the kind of God that we serve!” His father added.

Brandon’s grandmother called upon the mighty God of the Universe to heal her grandson. She believed the prayer of a righteous person was heard quickly by God.

Brandon left the hospital and is walking again completely headed. Though his body is scarred he continues to be a warrior for the cross of Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t matter if you are an alcoholic or strung out on drugs. It doesn’t matter if you are depressed and lonely. God can still heal your body, soul and mind.

That’s the kind of God we serve! Make Him your God today!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 8-2011

Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil… It has no point!