The Jackalope Meets A Tar Baby(Audio)/ A Children’s Story


Deep in the Mojave Desert somewhere in Eastern California there is a place called Death Valley. It is 282 feet below sea level and is to date the lowest elevation in North America. The desert valley has always been one of the hottest places in the world. Its temperature has reached 134 degrees and the area covers about 3,000 square miles. Somewhere in this desert valley there is a river called the Amargosa that flows along with Furnace Creek for a distance then disappearing into the sands in the valley floor. Salt pans and dunes are found in this hot area and were exploited for years for its common sodium salt and borax.

There are many forms of live in this arid desert. Cactus grows everywhere and in many varieties. There are the cotton top cactus,the prickly pear cactus, the barrel cactus, the hedgehog cactus, pincushion cactus, mojave pineapple cactus and the pencil cholla cactus just to mention a few. There is the Joshua tree and pickle weed plants. If you are lucky you might find the Dead Man’s Fingers or the Panamint Live-forever plant. A good year for wildflowers depends on well spaced rainfall through the winter and spring, sufficient warmth from the sun and the lack of drying winds.

When conditions are just right spring wildflowers display their gold, purple, pink and white flowers. It is a place of fleeting beauty for most plants are annuals and rather than struggle to stay alive during the hottest times, they lie dormant as seeds. When the rain finally comes the seeds will quickly sprout, grow and bloom. Butterflies, moths, bees and hummingbirds flit from plant to plant pollinating as they go. Death Valley contains valleys, mountains, hills and rivers. It also is the home of one of the most famous of all animals. It is the home of the killer rabbit called the Jackalope.

Few people have ever really seen this rare animal because when approached it will become very deadly. Many folk who live near this region will tell you that the female Jackalope can be milked as they sleep belly up and that the milk is used for medicinal purposes. It was here in Death Valley that Marlo the Jackalope lives. Now Marlo appears to be a cross between a jack rabbit and a antelope, with a pheasants tail.

In order to get a good look at Marlo our team of journalist decided to take a trip to Death Valley and just see for ourselves. Sure enough on the fourth day we spotted one. There was a horrible storm and the lightning was flashing everywhere. As we looked around our camp we saw this weird animal mating with another one. We wondered why in the world an animal would choose this time to breed. We later discovered that they also breed in hail storms.

The next night we were sitting around the camp drinking whiskey when all of a sudden a weird looking animal hopped right in front of us, picked up the bottle of whiskey and drank the whole thing. We thought it might get a bit drunk and we could catch him but we were WRONG! He took off like a bullet and we saw him later talking to a tar baby we had made. It was Antonio’s idea to create a tar baby and set him out in the desert to see what kind of animals it might attract. Little did we know the animal would be the deadly Jackalope. We listened from behind a huge bunch of cactus.

“Who are you and why are you here in my territory?” The Jackalope asked the tar baby.

The tar baby did not reply.

“Speak to me you wretched black fool!” The Jackalope yelled louder thinking the tar baby did not hear him.

The tar baby sat silently.

“If you do not speak to me and tell me why you are here I’ll punch you in the nose.” Marco the Jackalope screamed violently.

Still the tar baby did not speak.

As fast as the lightning strikes Marco stretched out his front leg and punched the tar baby. His front leg stuck like glue to the tar baby.

“Let me go you imbecile!” Marco ranted trying as hard as he could to free his front leg.

The tar baby never moved an inch.

“Fine I’ll just punch you with my other leg.” The livid Jackalope yelled furiously as he smacked the tar baby up side his head with his other front leg. It stuck as tight as could be as well. So he commenced to kick the tar baby and both feet stuck.

Now this was a sight to behold in the midst of Death Valley. As we were about to come out of hiding and help the Jackalope we heard a voice in the distance.

“Hold on Marco I am coming to help you!” The voice called.
It was another Jackalope much bigger than the first one. We watched as they rolled in the sand with the tar baby. Over and over they rolled until they looked just like sand paper. Rather than cause more problems we decided to return to our camp. Much to our disbelief no one we have told has believed our story. Do you?

It has also been said that the Jackalope can convincingly imitate any sound, including the human voice.

We all agree! Can you make a sound like the Jackalope?

Question: Are Jackalopes really real?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 10-2011

Beware! Humans can contract Jackalactoitis.
Sometimes manifests itself in
humans after drinking Jackalope