The King of the Deep Attacks/ A Children’s Story

The Great White Shark, King of the Deep

The sun was beating down upon the white sand as people in swim suits ran along the beach. The waves were rolling in like thunder as the white foam thrust toward the shore. Children were sitting along the edge of the water filling sand buckets with shells. Teenagers were riding on boogie boards paddling out where the waves did not break and then allowing them to carry them back to shore. It was a fun day at the beach.

The weather was just right for sun bathing and swimming. The lifeguard was on duty watching to see that no one went out beyond the limits. Tanned people pushed lemonade carts all along the shore selling cool cups of thirst quenching drinks to everyone. Towels and blankets were spread on the sand for the younger crowd. Chairs and umbrellas were cherished by the older folk who came to just enjoy the day peacefully
The lifeguards whistle could be heard now and then as he motioned for the fun loving fellows to move back into shore. Just then a lady’s voice echoed above all else. “It’s a shark! Get out of the water!” She screamed as loud as she could. The people within the distance of her voice scrambled to make their way out of the water. The air was filled with cries and sounds of panic. The lifeguard looked through his binoculars to see if the woman was accurate or if someone was just playing a joke as they often did.

“Oh my God there is a shark!” He yelled as he jumped down from his stand. Running to the beach he continued to blow his whistle as loudly as he could and motioned everyone to get out of the water. “There is a shark! Get out of the water now!” He screamed as he tried to hold his composure. The triangle gray fin could be seen moving above the water. It was a great white shark and he was looking for food.

A man and his son were surf boarding beyond the breaking waves. They saw the shark’s fin circling and decided to lie on the surf boards remaining as quiet as possible. The father knew they were in the most dangerous spot they could possibly be in. The shark was between them and the shore. Just then a second fin was spotted moving in the direction of the first shark. It was even larger and moved faster. There was sheer panic all along the beach as people pointed to the shark’s fins. Cell phones and radios were sounding alerts everywhere. The red flags were posted along the waters edge by the beach security force. Police cars moved into position and policemen began to speak over their loud speakers. The sharks had invaded the swimmers area and were only thinking of a delicious meal.

Suddenly the water began to splash and the father’s surf board sailed freely into the air. The shark’s mouth opened widely showing his enormous teeth and the father disappeared beneath the water. Divers with all kinds of equipment prepared to try and rescue the young boy who was paralyzed with fear. His eyes moved along the water hoping to catch a glimpse of his father but all he saw was the color red emerging from beneath. His hands gripped the board as tightly as they could. He lay motionless praying the shark would pass him by. His heart raced as his eyes watched for some sign of the beast beneath the water.

A rescue boat could be heard in the distance moving rapidly towards the boy. Could they get to the boy in time or just watch as he was devoured by the king of the deep? Hundreds of eyes watched from the shore.

It was a time that people had hoped would never happen to them. Terror gripped every child as they clung to their parent’s legs. Few people had ever seen a real shark in the water and fewer had seen one as close to them as these were.

The fins had disappeared underneath the water and the boat reached the petrified boy. He breathed a sigh as the men on the boat reach to pull him aboard. Just then from deep within the waters the shark leaped out and grabbed the boy right out of the hands of the fishermen. The sharks teeth cut into one mans arm as he lost grip of the boy. Within seconds the shark was gone and so was the boy. The shark’s leap had cost the boy his life and nearly several of the rescue men. Hearts sank as eyes lost sight of the shark and the boy. The waters became quiet once more as the king of the ocean moved into deeper water.

Lifeguards posted “No Swimming” flags all along the beach. Just because they could not see the fins did not mean the waters were safe. They would take no changes!

“People do not realize that the beach is home to the sharks and other fish. When people go swimming into their territorial waters it is not the fault of the shark. He is just doing what all sharks do. People must be more alert and remember that they are in an ocean filled with things that can eat them alive!” The lifeguard told a reporter on the scene. “Swimming pools are much safer than the ocean!” He sighed!

So it came to be that two people lost their lives to the great white sharks. It is wise to stay within two feet of the water in the ocean. It is very dangerous to swim out in the shark’s domain.

Question: Can a Great White Shark swallow a person whole?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 7-2012

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