The Leprachaun at the Rainbow’s End/ A Children’s Story

Once upon a time in a dense forest far from the nearest village and high upon the mountainside there lived an odd sort of a fellow. A fire burned with rocks placed all around it. The old man sat on a toads stool as his small fingers moved the red needle in and out. He was busy sewing a shoe. He was dressed in a red jacket with seven rows of gold buttons and seven buttons in each row making a total of forty-nine shiny gold buttons. His long-sleeved shirt was white with rows and rows of ruffles down the front. Matching ruffles were all around his tiny wrist. His legs were covered with black stockings and his britches were red and buckled at the knees.

The old man stood about three feet tall and upon his head sat a tall cone-shaped black hat that came to a point at the top. A pair of glasses rested upon his pointed nose. His short arms dusted off his shiny patent leather boots then threw a few more logs onto the fire. Hanging from his tiny waist was a fancy sword he used as a magic wand. His voice broke the silence as he sang a little jingle he had sung many times before.

“My red needle goes in and out.
I’m making some shoes there is no doubt.
I’ll cut, pin and stitch this beautiful leather.
My shoes can be worn in all kinds of weather.

In and out this needle goes
Perfect stitches sewn row upon row.
These shoes I’ll sell to the ladies fair.
No other shoes will these ladies wear!”

Over and over Magetto sang the tune. At last he had finished.

Jumping off the toad stool he leaped through the air and began walking up the tree trunk. His body began to spin around and around just like a spinning top. When the spinning finally stopped, his body was balanced on the top of his pointed hat. He was suspended in the night air. His small feet were sticking straight out from his body. He leaped to the ground with a yip and a yell.

Once again his fingers brushed the dust from his shiny black patent leather shoes and his red britches.
“I will curl myself around the rocks circling the campfire after I hide these handsome new shoes. I do believe this hollow oak tree will be a super fine place. I’m taking no chance that some nosey person or some sneaky critter might take off with my newest pair of shoes.” He mumbled aloud.

When all was done he lay down on the ground for a good night’s sleep. The fire popped and crackled. It’s warmth soon lulled him to sleep.

The night passed quickly and the sun brought forth a brand new day. This would be the day he would sell his finely stitched shoes. Magetto wasted no time in packing up his golden string, his red needle, his shiny gold scissors and his roll of fine leather. He walked slowly down to a small creek to wash his face and hands. He checked his red britches that buckled at his knees and his black stockings. They all seemed to be fine. Pulling his pointed hat around his face and buttoning up his red jacket he began to spin around and around. Seconds later he had vanished.

It wasn’t long until he stood on the dusty side of a narrow road leading into the small village of Chippersville. He held up the new shoes so the ladies passing by could see.

“Come see my shoes ladies dear.
New shoes have I stitched so have no fear.
I’m just an old wrinkled man.
Put your coins in this tin can.
My shoes are the finest just come and see!
I have brilliant colors and only for a small fee.”

When the sun stood high up in the sky Magetto had his can filled with gold coins. Quickly he packed up his things and was gone. No one saw him come and no one saw him go.
Later his voice could be heard in the forest dense. If you listened carefully you could hear him sing.

“I’m a leprechaun just three feet tall.
My home is the forest that has no walls.
I’m filling my pot with coins of gold.
I sold my shoes to the ladies and men.
I’ll be taking my gold to the rainbows end.”

He danced around the fireplace. His only audience was the critters sitting in the tall trees. He jumped and waved his magic wand. In less than a thought he vanished. .

The church going folk in those parts were convinced he was half evil and half good. It was the evil part that caused them to be very suspicious. Many had heard some of the crazy things he did just for the fun of it. Some said he could leap up into the air and stick to a wall, spin around as fast as could, then stand on his head balancing himself on the pointed part of his cone-shaped hat.

Other times he would toss his glasses that rested on his long nose to one of the ladies. As she was inspecting them, they just disappeared from her hand. As she looked up in shock she saw his glasses resting again on his nose. He was definitely a showman. Most men thought he as an evil pigmy with a long beard down to his waist and shiny black shoes that never got soiled. He could change his dress from red to green on such occasions as Saint Patricks Day. Whether dressed in red or green he was a most fastidious dresser.

The children loved him and followed him hoping he would give them something using his magic wand. Just as he was about the leave his eyes caught a glimpse of a small girl about three feet tall wearing steel rods on her legs to support her weight. She was being pushed backwards by the older boys.

“Come here my darling child.” He said motioning to her with his hands. “Yes the girl that is wearing the braces on her legs.”

The boys made an opening so she could come forward.

“My darling child never more shall you walk with these braces.” He reached down and removed the steel rods along with her shoes. “Now go run and play in your new shoes. Tell your folks a leprechaun fixed your legs and I’ll be taking these rods and shoes with me.” He smiled a happy grin. His eyes sparkled in the sunlight. “Enjoy those new red velvet slippers. They look so fine and fit you to a tee. Now it is time for me to go. I have lots of work to do. Goodbye little people. I’ll see you the next time I come and I’ll be bringing lots of pretty shoes.”

“Jumping jelly beans!” An older boy stammered. He could hardly believe his eyes.

“We should get our folks to capture him. Then we could all have fancy new shoes.” Another boy shouted.

“Many men have tried to do just that.” Reverend Buttercup answered. “He gives his kidnappers three wishes if they agree to let him go about his business. They always let him go don’t you know. Well, wouldn’t you?” He said with a wink of his eye.

“It must be his magic powers.” An heavy-set fellow chimed in. “Boy I wish I had magic powers like that. I would never work again.” He said as his feet kicked the dust beneath his shoes. Without another word they all began walking back towards town as their young minds tried to understand just what had happened..

Suddenly a storm began to gather and raindrops fell making tiny holes in the dusty road. As the rain subsided a beautiful rainbow filled the sky.

In the place far away near a forest green if you listen really close you can hear a small voice sing.

“I’m a leprechaun just three feet tall.
My home is the forest that has no walls.
I’ve filled my pot with coins of gold.
I’ve sold my shoes to ladies and men.
I have buried my gold at the rainbows end.”

“Yes I’m a leprechaun just three feet tall.
My home is the forest that has no walls.
I’ve filled my pot with coins of gold.
I’ve sold my shoes to ladies and men.
I have buried my gold at the rainbows end.”

Megetto dressed in his red suit.

Question: What was the sword the leprechaun carried used for?

Story written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 12-2014


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