The Lumpadumps Take a Bath

Once upon a time in a small village in a very far away place there lived a family of Lumpadumps. It happened to be very hot in the land of the Lumpadumps and all the lumpadumps were miserable from the blistering heat.

“I’m taking off my clothes”. One Lumpadump cried.

“I’m taking off mine too.” The rest of the Lumpadump yelled.

So it came to be that all the Lumpadumps were naked.

Mother Lumpadump’s face wrinkled up and she said: “All of you are naked and dirty. You even smell bad. You must wash yourself in the great waterfall. When you come back I will have clean clothes for you.” She scolded.

So all the Lumpadumps made a long line and began walking to the waterfall near the mouth of a great mountain.

“I’m first!” The tallest Lumpadump cried.

“I’m second!” The fattest Lumpadump shouted.

“I’m next!” The smelliest Lumpadump yelled

“I’m after him.” The shortest Lumpadump insisted.

“I’m not going into that waterfall. The water is falling far too fast and it will damage my tender body.” The dirtiest Lumpadump yelled.

So it came to be that all the Lumpadumps stood in the cold water until they were covered with goose bumps.

“You are not bathing. You will still smell bad.” Father Lumpadump said.

The Lumpadumps started moving their hands around their bodies.

“You have no soap.” The father Lumpadump yelled loudly.

So the father Lumpadump threw five bars of soap into the water.

“Now you have soap so wash yourselves.” Father Lumpadump called.

Before long the water around the waterfall was filled with bubbles and the bubbles covered all the Lumpadumps.

“I can’t see!” One Lumpadump called.

“My mouth is full of bubbles.” Another Lumpadump cried.

“My ears are full of bubbles.” The tallest Lumpadump squealed.

“My nose is stuffed with bubbles.” The smallest Lumpadump screamed.

Then get back under the waterfall and rinse yourself.” The father Lumpadump called.

So it came to be that all the Lumpadumps rinsed themselves and ran home to get fresh clothes.

“Be sure to use deodorant.” The mother Lumpadump called.

All the Lumpadumps put deodorant under their arms.

“Brush your teeth.” The father Lumpadump called loudly.

At last all the Lumpadumps had finished their baths.

Mother Lumpadump gave each one a fresh pair of clothes. It was almost dark and all the Lumpadumps headed for bed.

“Goodnight my sweet smelling Lumpadumps.” Mother Lumpadump said softly.

“Goodnight!” The Lumpadumps said as they pulled up the covers.

All things went to sleep in the land of the Lumpadumps and all things smelled really clean.

Question: What did the Lumpadumps use to clean themselves?

Story by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved.
Copyrighted 11-2014


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