The Miraculous Eggs/ A Child’s Story

The Silky Chicken

The Miraculous Eggs

Once upon a time on a large farm in the deep-south there was a farmer named Mr. Wiggley. Now Mr. Wiggley prided himself in the variety of animals he had running here and there on his twenty five acre farm.

One of the animals he gave special attention to was his many kinds of different chickens. He has the Rhode Island Red, the White Leghorn, Polish, Phoenix, Sebright, Amber Star and his precious beautiful Silkie chickens. They White Leghorns had a reputation of being very fussy birds but were some of the most popular barnyard chickens around. He could count on them laying several dozen eggs each day.

Out of all the mentioned chicken breeds Mr. Wiggley’s most favorite chickens were the Silkie chickens. Their breed did not lay eggs rapidly. All chickens are not meant to be great laying chickens. Sometimes people kept them just because they were so beautiful.

So it was with Fluffy and Duffy the two snow-white Silkie chickens Mr. Wiggley set apart because of their gleaming white feathers and the cascade of feathers on the top of their heads as well as their pearly white beards.
Fluffy and Duffy loved the coop Wiggley had made for them. It was built up off the ground and special wire put on the front to give them a good view of the barnyard. Fresh hey was delivered often so they kept their beautiful feathers clean and white. The fresh hey also protected them from the cold and their hen house was fitted with a light bulb for warmth on chilly nights. Wiggley loved to watch them stroll all over the barnyard showing off their gleaming white down-like feathers that cascaded down to their feet.

These were not only beautiful birds but very personable birds as well. You wouldn’t necessarily keep this bird for laying purposes; each one produced one small white egg each week. They had beautifully full crests upon their heads and fuzzy feathered feet, making them a crowd favorite. Mr. Wiggley wasn’t concerned about them not being great layers for they only lay one white egg each week. He was concerned about keeping them for the other farmers to envy. They were considered to be very personable birds by everyone. Adults and children loved to come see Mr. Wiggley’s animal barnyard. I have to say it was a sight to behold.

It was after the cows had been milked and the other animals fed that Mr. Wiggley sat down on a huge stack of hay to take a brief resting period. The sun was shining warming up the day and its warmth soon lulled Wiggley into an early morning nap.

As he often did, Wiggly carried a snack in his pocket to munch on while working. This day however the small pack slipped out of his overall pocket. As curious as birds are, Fluffy decided to see what the shiny paper contained. Without a sound she walked right up to Mr. Wiggley who was snoring up a storm and picked up the packet in her beak.

“Run!” Clucked Duffy who was watching from a distance. She was anxious for fear the ole man would wake up and Fluffy might end up in a stew.

“Look at this shiny paper. There must be something valuable inside. I think I will bite into it and see what is inside.” Cackled Fluffy

The sharp beak torn into the small packet without any trouble at all.

“It is full of colorful round balls. It must be something he eats. I think I will take a bite and see what it taste like.” Fluffy said flapping her wings.

“Oh no! It might be rat poison. You could eat one and fall over dead!” Duffy clucked anxiously.

“He would not be carrying a poison in his pocket. It must be those balls I’ve seen him pop into his mouth while gathering the eggs. I, my friend Duffy, will be the first one on the barnyard to sample these tasty nuggets.” This being said, she quickly popped a red ball into her mouth and began chewing it as fast as she could.

The sweet sugary taste assured her it was not poison and she offered one to Duffy whose eyes were as big as baseballs.

It wasn’t long before the entire pack was empty and Fluffy and Duffy deliriously happy with their treasured find.

“This is our secret and no one should know.” Fluffy whispered. “If he finds out we ate his snack we might be in for trouble.” So quickly the two birds used their feet and scratched up a pile of leaves from an old oak tree. They scratched until there was no sign of the shiny paper packet. If they were lucky it would not be found for months.

All was well until Fluffy laid her first egg of the week. When her eyes peeked beneath her breast she began cackling frantically.

“Oh my goodness I have made a terrible mess. My egg is not white anymore. It is covered with red polka dots!” Her feathers stood out like she had been shocked by a bolt of lightning.

Oh glory me, I had better check and see what mine looks like.” Duffy squeaked. Her voice had completely taken leave for the moment. Carefully she lifted herself from the nest. “Oh heavens and great glory we are doomed now. I have an egg with blue spots all over it. Mr. Wiggley will kill us both and put us in a stew for sure. What shall we do?” She asked.

Just as they were thinking of plan B, Mr. Wiggley woke and began to rubbed his eyes. Putting on his hat he picked up the egg basket and headed straight to Fluffy’s nest. Wings started flapping and feathers started falling like snow as Fluffy and Duffy made a quick exit from the coop.

“Run Fluffy! All we can do is head for the hills now!” Duffy cackled.

Wiggley put his hands gently into the nest and pulled out the egg. His eyes opened wide as he inspected the red polka dot egg. “Well gracious be I don’t believe I have ever seen a polka dot egg before. Let’s see what is in Duffy’s nest.”

Ever so gently his fingers felt for the small egg. He could feel the warmth of the nest still.

“By dang if these two Silky’s haven’t come up with some odd colored eggs. I wonder how in the world this happened?” He scratched his head trying to think of a rational answer to his own question. He could see the two birds running as fast as they could away from the situation. They must have gotten into some mischievous or they would not be running lickety-split across the yard.” He mused to himself.

“I wonder what these two curious birds been up to now?” He thought.

It wasn’t long until all the farmers around heard of Wiggley’s bird eggs and they wanted to see them for themselves. No one had ever seen or heard of polka dot eggs by Silky’s or any other chickens.

So it came to be that Fluffy and Duffy finally decided to find the packet they had hidden so well under the leaves. If they placed it nonchalantly in the coop they would not have to say one single word. Mr. Wiggley would know for sure that the candies had caused the outlandish color of the eggs. After all he should not have been eating jelly beans while he was working. It was making him far too heavy.

The package was found the next week and the white eggs were gathered with a big happy smile by Wiggley.

“Never under estimate the curiosity of a bird.” He laughed.

All things were back to normal in the barnyard and Wiggley put his snacks in a pocket with a good sized button to keep it safe from the wild ones.

Question: What does the Silky chicken look like?

Written by Sybil Shearin

All Rights Reserved

Copyrighted 12-2012

Silky’s polka dot egg