The Monster In the Closet/ A Children’s Story

Once upon a time in a land not so different from yours and mine there was a little boy named Rolf.

He lived in a big tall house with lots of windows. A winding stairway led to his bedroom on the second floor.

Rolf was an only child and because he was an only child his parents bought him all the toys a child could dream of. The basement was filled with toys including a train set his father had put together for him. Rolf loved to spend his time everyday in the basement and would throw tantrums if his parents made him sleep in his room.

“Why would a boy as big and brave as you not be willing to sleep in his bedroom?” His mother asked.

“I don’t want to sleep there. I want to bring my bed down here.” Rolf pouted.

“We are not bringing your bed down here in the basement. I do not want to discuss this any more.” Rolf’s father added.

“Every child has his or her own bedroom. Children all over the world sleep in their bedrooms. Give me a good reason why you do not want to sleep there? His mother continued.

“I told you! There is a monster in my closet. He comes in my room every night.” Rolf shouted. “I’m not going to stay in that room ever again.” He snapped.

“Then I will sleep in your room tonight. If I do not see the monster in the closet then you have told me a lie.” His father protested. “We do not have liars in this household!”

As night began to fall Rolf went into his mother’s room and jumped into bed.

“Let’s let Dad deal with the monster!” He announced to his mother who was getting ready for bed.

“Rolf just stop talking like that! We are so tired of your silly ness. You slept in your room in the other house and there were no monsters there. Why have you started this insane story now?” She inquired.

“There was no monster in the other house. It came into my closet the first night we were in this house.”

“Well pray tell me what this monster looks like? His mother continued hoping to get an idea of what might be bothering her son.

“He is tall with dark hair and wears a tan coat. His shoes look like rubber boots.” Rolf answered quickly.

“Does he come out of the closet or speak to you at all?” His mother asked.

“Nope! It just stands there looking at me. He leaves when the sun comes out.” Rolf added.

So Rolf slept with his mother and his father slept in Rolf’s room with the closet door open.

The next morning Rolf went running into his room to see if his father was alive. He quietly opened the door and peeked inside. His father was still asleep. His eyes searched over the room to see if the monster was gone. There was no monster.

“Dad wake up! The monster is not here. Did you see him last night?” He asked as he jumped onto his bed.

“Yes he was here! I was lying in bed just like you do and about an hour later I saw him in the closet. I got up very slowly and sneaked over to the closet. I snatched open the door and to my surprise guess what I found?” His father asked.

“What did he look like?” Rolf asked with widened eyes.

“He was wearing a tan coat and a hat. He also had on rubber boots just like you said.” His father replied.

“See I told you. I was not lying.” Rolf smirked.

“No you were not lying but here is what your monster really is.” His father responded as he sat up in bed.

Approaching the closet door his father removed a tall black hat from off the shelf and a tan trench coat that had been hung in the closet by accident. Below the coat sat a pair of boots belonging to him. He had used them when going camping in the woods several summers before.

“Here is your monster, son!” His father proclaimed as he removed all items from the closet.

“The monster will not be in your closet ever again because I am moving all of this to my closet.” He smiled.

“It’s fine with me. You can keep all of that stuff …. but if I see him in my closet again, I’m out of here!” Rolf said pointing his finger to the door.

Rolf never saw the monster again. Many things appear to be monsters in the dark. If in doubt be sure to tell your parents. They are the keepers of the house and monster movers!

Question: Was there really a monster in Rolf’s closet?

Written by Sybil Shearin

All Rights Reserved

Copyrighted 8-2011


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