The Morning the Angel’s Came

Mr. Davis had lived and worked in the local community for over 50 years. He was a man about time and everyone knew him well. His smile filled every room and he was always ready with his hand extended to give you a hardy handshake.

Mr. Davis had sold furniture to make a living. Everyone far and wide had a house full of his stores supplies. As he grew older the more compassionate he became. He could not stand the thoughts of a child with no bed so he made sure those in need were taken care of. As is always the case many people took advantage of his good nature and became slower to pay their bills. Finally he got so far behind he had to close down his store. As it happened, it was a good thing because his health had started to get weaker and he could not keep up with even the best of days.

Upon his family’s request Mr. Davis finally checked himself into a hospital to see just why he was so tired all of the time. Doctors came and went. Nurses checked this place and then another until one day all the reports had been completed.

One would have never suspected a tiny black mole on his back was the cause of his distress. The doctor gave the report that this tiny black mole was a deadly cancer called Melanoma. Surgeries were scheduled in hopes they could remove all the cancer but this was not to be. All the normal forms of treatment were completed but Mr. Davis became thin didn’t look like his happy self any longer.

At last the doctors told the family along with his patient that he would not live but a few months. It seemed this type of cancer was a very fast and deadly form. No one had survived it.

Now Mr. Davis was a Christian man who believed in God and in the life after this life. He had watched his father and mother fall asleep in Jesus arms so he was not afraid.
It was early one morning in the coldest part of January when Mr. Davis had some visitors. He was weak but his vision was clear. Around his bed stood three angelic beings glowing like the noon day sun. He watched them observing their long extended wings and the white feathers that reached the floor. They were so tall their heads nearly touched the ceiling. They stood there silently then the tallest angel motioned for the others to lift Mr. Davis from the bed. “It is time for you to go and rest high on God’s mountain. We will carry you there. You will feel the wind upon your face but you will never again have any pain or sorrow.”

The angels lowered themselves sliding their strong arms around Mr. Davis and as quick as a wink he was gone. Now his body that was made of flesh and bones still rested upon the bed but Mr. Davis who lived inside that earthen vessel had left with the angels. Just like they said, he could feel the wind upon his face and for a moment he as sad for his family. Then suddenly he came to a very tall gate made of white pearl. The gate opened and inside there was the most beautiful city man’s eyes have ever seen. It was gold and perfect in every way. His body moved faster than a hurricane and he had no pain. All had been replaced with love, a pure perfect love. The Master of the city was Jesus and He was love himself.

As his eyes looked around he saw his mother, his father and all his family who had died. They were alive and were so happy to see him.

What was the name of this city? It was called Heaven, the same Heaven he had read about in his bible every Sunday. Yes, his old body was replaced with a new one and his spirit knew all things. Yes Mr. Davis left earth this cold January morning but he arrived in Heaven right on time.

Folks on earth mourned his leaving but he was celebrating the joyous occasion he had heard about for nearly 60 years. He had asked Jesus to come into his heart and to save him when he was twelve years old. Jesus did just that. Mr. Davis had not forgotten the day he was baptized in the old church lake but he had no idea how important that decision was. It made heaven his home forever. Yes earth is called home but really it is just a place where we travel through on our way to a better place.

Mr. Davis was happy and if you accept Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, you will be happy one day too. Just watch for the tall angels with the long wings for their job is to carry you through the pearly gates where you will live in a beautiful mansion created just for you. This is not your real home, you are just traveling through this old world waiting for God to renovate the earth so all people will be happy. Evil cannot enter heaven so no need to worry anymore.

The family had a great funeral for Mr. Davis, but he was not there. He had a new home just as you will one day.

As I looked one last look, Mr. Davis was smiling from head to toe. It was that smile I had seen upon his face for years. He was with Jesus and as happy as could be. It all happened the early morning when the angels came to take Mr. Davis to his new home.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 1-2015

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