The Mosquito Who Broke His Stinger(audio)/ A Children’s Story


The water was rippling down the stream making a gurgling sound as it sped over rocks and clumps of moss. Small fish came to the surface of the water to see what was going on occasionally. Opened their eyes, blinked at the sun then quickly swam down into the cooler water. Bugs of every sort flew over the rushing stream looking for a snack. After all everything has to eat something.

Katie and Peter had decided to go fishing in the stream and were sitting on the edge with their homemade fishing poles. Peter had put worms on the hooks and now they were watching the red and white corks to see when they might catch a fish. Katie had packed a lunch for them and they were pigging out on Vienna sausages and pork and beans. They shared a pack of Zesta Saltine crackers and each had a big thermos of Pepsi Cola with ice cubes.

The sun was shining brightly so they had decided to move up a little way to take advantage of a big sycamore tree whose limbs offered some much needed shade. You could hear the giggles and laughter echoing through the trees. Peter was keeping watch over the corks and Katie was popping sausages in his mouth. She didn’t think he should put his fingers in the can after putting the worms on their hooks. It looked simply yucky to her.

It was just about noon and the heat was about to become a little much for Katie. She removed her socks and shoes and began to dangle her feet in the water. It felt so good to her. The cool water was just what she needed. She dipped her hands into the water and rubbed off her arms. It would have been nice to have a swim suit just about now, she thought to herself.

Suddenly Peter shouted. “Get out of the water I am getting a bite! If you keep splashing in the water you will scare him away.” Peter had a scowled look on his face.

It wasn’t long until the pesky mosquitoes came buzzing around Katie’s nice wet arms and legs.

“Hum this looks like good pickings here. Maybe we should call in all the swarm and have them come over here.” Bumpy called to a few of his insect friends.

“Nope! I am going to suck her blood and fill up my empty tummy.” Stumpy answered as he flew in circles around Katie’s head.

Before long Katie was being bombarded with mosquito bites. She was slapping and popping her hands about trying to frighten the pest away. The more she swatted the worse it got.

“Help me Peter. I am being eaten by these awful blood sucking insects.” She squealed sharply as her legs began kicking up and down.

Peter left his pole in the water and came over to swat away the cruel insects that were aggravating his friend.

Maybe we should forget about the fish and just go swimming. If we kept our heads under they couldn’t bite us.” He laughed. He noticed all the red spots on Katie’s arms and legs. It looked like a situation that needed a quick solution.

Katie took the ice out of her thermos and began to rub it over the bites. She didn’t realize the sweet syrup was only going to bring out more of the pesky critters.

Peter’s eyes widened as he saw a huge red mosquito land on Katie’s leg. Without really thinking he reached over and popped her on the leg with his hand hoping to kill the miserable bug. He had never seen such a huge mosquito before. He lifted his hand only to see the mosquito wiggling this way and that way. One of his wings was torn and his stinger had broken totally off.

“Oh my gosh! Harley please come and help me! This dude has just broken my wing and popped off my stinger!” The mosquito buzzed loudly hoping one of his cohorts would come to his rescue.

“You lousy insect you are going to be fish bait.” Peter huffed as he reached to pick up the crippled bug.

He picked up the insect between his two fingers and flung him into the water. Before a cat could sneeze twice, a big fish swam up to the surface of the water and swallowed the crippled mosquito.

“Hooray that fish is a hero!” Katie shouted, her mouth open wide with astonishment at seeing such a big fish. They both laughed and threw the rest of their lunch in the stream for the fish to eat as a reward. Swimming seemed like a much better idea than fishing and when swimming, you rarely get bitten by mosquitoes. Well you rarely get bitten by them if you stay submerged.

So if you decide to go fishing or camping during the summer weather, it might be a really good idea to take along a can of OFF!

Question: What do you think caused the mosquitoes to come around Katie and Peter?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 9-2011