Thunder’s New Year’s Resolution/ A Children’s Story

As was the custom in the southern United States of America, folks in every household would make a resolution about something they wanted to do better in the next New Year. It could be one of many things such as stop smoking cigarettes, go on a diet, or stop shopping all the time. Most people however do not realize God’s little creatures also make New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s take a peek outside our houses and just see what others are doing.

“Mackie are you going to do anything new this year?” Gloria the pig asked timidly.

“Oh I expect I will lose some weight. If I lose some weight and become very thin I don’t think they will choose me to kill this year. Maybe I can live a few more years here on the farm if I lose some weight.” Silas the pig snorted.

“I think I’ll try and lay the most eggs.” The red hen added.

“I suppose I’ll clean up the barnyard by eating up all the cans.” Billy Goat said.

“Clean up the yard?” Minerva the cat asked. “This yard has never been clean since you came here.”You are a filthy animal and you stick on top of it.” She scolded.

“Well if you would stop playing around with that Percy the Tom cat you just might not have so darn many kittens.” Nikki the horse bellowed from behind the fence.

“I know what I will do.” Pillow said softly. “I will gather only the leftover cotton to make me a bed. Last year I picked an entire row of the prettiest cotton in the field and my conscious bothered me for weeks.” Pillow the sheep said lowering her head.

“I guess I will stop playing in the rain.” The white duck quacked.

“I will limit myself when it comes to making noise.” The Prissy the white cow mooed.

“Ok I get the picture here. You all want to do something but everything you have said is a bunch of hog wash. You sit here all pious saying this and that when you all know darn well you are not going to do it.” Cleo the owl hooted as loud as he could.
“All you are doing is lying like a dog. Excuse me Rocky no pun intended.” Cleo ranted making note to Rocky the dog he didn’t mean to use him for an example.

“All I plan to do is get a few twigs of mistletoe and hang high over my stall. If anyone wants to kiss and snuggle then I am ready to rumble.” Thunder the stallion neighed.

“Shut up Prissy you lazy heifer!” Popcorn the old goat bleated. “You can’t go five minutes without making some outrageous sound.

“Hey now, I think I will join Thunder and just enjoy the evening.” Sassy the mare said hoping to stop an all out war of words.

“It is nice to think of good things we need to improve on each year but you can get carried away with all those resolutions. Just do the best you can.” Sassy smiled showing her shiny teeth. “I’m going to be underneath the mistletoe and I will not be watching to see what all of you are doing.” She winked to Thunder.

So it was on the farm on New Year’s Day. The dogs barked, the cats meowed, the roosters crowed, the sheep bleated, the owl hooted, the duck quacked, the pig snorted, the hen cackled, the cows mooed and the Billy Goat bleated. The New Year had come and everyone was as happy as could be. Nothing had changed except one thing. Sassy would be a new mother and Thunder would be a proud father.

“It’s that flipping mistletoe!” The donkey exclaimed. “It will do it every time. You would think animals could get the idea after a decade wouldn’t you?” He snorted showing his dislike for small critters of all kinds.

The sun warmed the day and all was well on the farm once more. Sometimes all God’s creatures need to just be thankful for the good things they have.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 12-2014


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