Tidy Heidi Teaches a Lesson(audio)



Once upon a time in a town very similar to yours there lived a prominent family. The father’s name was Smartie Marty and the reason for his name is quite clear. He was a very intelligent man with many degrees following his name. So the name fit him well. His beautiful wife’s name was Tidy Heidi and of course her name was appropriate as well for she was always cleaning up the house or picking up after her children.
The oldest child’s name was Moody Rudy, the second oldest was Lazy Daisy, then there was Messie Bessie, Busy Lizzie and the youngest child was Lying Ryan. They all lived together on Stormy Drive in a very large house.

One day Tidy Heidi was running late and needed help preparing dinner. She asked Moody Rudy to call to his brother Lying Ryan and ask him to come and pick up his toys off the kitchen floor. After several calls Heidi called to Ryan herself. “Did you not hear Rudy ask you to come and pick up your toys?” She questioned.

“No! I heard nothing at all.” Cried Lying Ryan.

Then Tidy Heidie asked Lazy Daisy if she would come and stir the soup so it would not stick to the bottom of the pot.

“I can’t!” Yelled Lazy Daisy. “I’ve got to study for an important test.” She called back to her mother as she turned the television channel.

Tidy Heidi was beginning to get upset and she called Busy Lizzie to come help with dinner. “I can’t!” called Busy Lizzie. ” I am rolling my hair and putting on my makeup.”

So Heidi finally called Messie Bessie and asked if she could stir the soup.

“I’m painting some flower pots for my room! I can’t do it now for I have paint all over me and my shoes.”

So holding her temper Tidy Heidi called the oldest child again.

“Please Moody Rudy come help stir the soup for dinner!” She asked impatiently.

“Oh Mother, Leave me alone. I’m not in the mood to stir soup. Let the girls do that!” He snapped angrily.

So Tidy Heidi Prepared dinner herself.

Now who will clean off the table and put the dishes in the dish washer?” She asked with a smile.

“I can’t!” Lazy Daisy blurted as she quickly left the table.

“I cannot!” Messie Bessie snorted as she smeared paint on the table cloth.

“Neither can I.” Mumbled Busy Lizzie. ” I have loads of work to do!”

“Well it is not a fellows place to do dishes.” Pouted Moody Rudy. “I’ve got a dreadful headache. I need to lie down.”

“I can’t do it either.” Added Lying Ryan. “Tonight is my night to be first in the tub!” He grinned running up the stairs.

“Then I will do the dishes myself.” Tidy Heidi replied as she tried to swallow the lump in her throat. She began to clear the dishes from the table. Just then Smartie Marty took them and said. ” I’ll do the dishes. You go ahead with your plans. You deserve a break!”

“Thank you kind sir! I am going to change my clothes and get ready to go to the fair. Would anyone like to go with me? She said loudly.

“Oh Mother I will drive for you because I feel some better now.” Smiled Moody Rudy.

“I will go with you.” Messy Bessie yelled loudly.

“I will too.” Called Lazy Daisy.

“Yes I can change quickly and go with you!” Called Busy Lizzie.

“I’ll go along too!” Piped Lying Ryan as he wiped his mouth on the tail of his shirt.

“Actually I do believe you all can stay home this evening and your father and I will go to the fair. None of you could make the time to help me for just a brief period. Now your father and I will go alone and enjoy ourselves without you.” She laughed.

They did and all the children missed the greatest time at the county fair.

So if you are asked to lend a hand to someone who is in desperate need, remember not to be too busy, too lazy, too moody, too messie, or tell a lie. You just might miss out on something very important and never have the opportunity to recapture that moment in time again.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 4-11

Question: Why did the children all miss the fair?