When Doctors Reach the End of Their Rope!(audio)/ A Children’s Story

The small quaint town bustled with people going to and fro. The small furniture store door opened and closed many times in the day. The store was filled with sofas, love seats, kitchen furniture, bedroom suits, lamps and pictures of all sorts. It has been in business for decades and everyone in the town of Monroe knew it well. It was the first place most people went when they needed furniture and usually the only place.

The owner had recently purchased the store from its aging owner who could no longer keep up with the fast pace. David was a kind soul, very sincere and giving. Often times he would sell items for cost plus ten percent making very little profit for himself. He was a handsome young man, with the bluest of blue eyes. His dark brown hair and moustache complimented him well. He was very fair skinned and as gentle as a kitten. Everyone loved him dearly.

One day he discovered a black mole growing on his back but gave it little attention. Everyone had moles and such so the discovery became silent. As months passed David noticed some blood on his shirts from the black growth and decided to have his doctor take a look at it perhaps remove it as well.

Little did David know that this particular type of mole was a deadly Melanoma.

If untreated, melanoma cells spread first through the lymph vessels or glands. Melanoma cells can also spread by way of blood vessels to various organs, spreading cancer to the liver, lungs, brain, or other sites. The doctor looked at the black mole and told David he needed to take a sample and see if it was cancerous. Cultures were taken and found to be Melanoma skin cancer. The cancer had been on David’s back for years as are many moles of people’s bodies. When the doctor told David that the cancer had spread to his lungs, liver and lymph nodes David became very concerned. He knew that from all the discussions with the doctors his life was pretty much over. The pictures on David’s lungs, liver and other internal organs were covered with tumors and they all were cancerous.

The doctors recommended surgery and chemotherapy to try and slow the cancer down. They did not think David would survive for more than a few months. Day after day and week after week David received treatments for his tumors. The doctors removed the lymph nodes in his arm hoping to slow the spread of the cancer. This left David with almost no use of his arm. He could not even tie his shoes any longer. Then the chemotherapy made him deathly sick and he lay in bed for days unable to do anything.

David did not know until he returned to the doctor that they had no hope for his future and gave him an appointment for three months. The doctor had no idea that David would return but be dead within the three months. The doctor’s had reached the end of their ropes. They had done all that they knew to do. Nothing was working. David was slowly dying.

Then God stepped into the picture. David was a firm believer in God and had an aunt and uncle in the ministry. He asked for everyone including his aunt and uncle to pray for his healing. God was his only hope of survival. Aunt Mattie was a strong prayer warrior and lifted David up in prayer daily. So did her husband Preacher Vern. Then one day God spoke to a friend of David’s.

“God told me in a dream to tell David to begin taking an herbal medicine and to begin right away. I was stunned by the dream but did not waste any time calling him. I visited his aunt and we both agreed for his healing asking God to give him more time since he had only been married a short time. Then we stood upon God’s word.” Annie explained.

“Most people can a bad word from the doctor and just give up. They accept the bad news believing it and the body begins to shut down. It is amazing how much force is behind a few words. God spoke the world into existence and His words became a literal force. The world came into existence. So we began to speak healing over David. We followed God’s example daily feeding good words to David. He not only listened but acted upon what I told him.” Annie continued.

He went the same day and got the herbal medicine wasting no precious time. In the bible when Jesus healed someone He always asked them to do something to receive their healing. If the person believes he will act and the healing follows. David acted! God stepped into the picture.

David’s wife was overcome with grief but she kept praying as well. Seeing her beloved husband so sick upset her so much. Still she continued to pray to God for help.

It is very hard to care for a person who has a deadly disease. The stress is enormous and drains energy. Watching someone who was filled with life become sick unto death is a horrible thing.

When David returned to the doctor in three months they took more X-rays to determine how fast the tumors were growing. To their surprise the tumors were gone and only scars remained.

David still lives and it has been over twenty years. He still has the scars from the battle but he walks in victory each and every day.

This is what happens when doctors reach the end of their rope and when God steps into the picture.

Question: Are we suppose to believe things that we are told that are very bad for us? Should we believe what God says or what doctors say? Which is the most important person?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 8-2011

This is a true story! If you or a loved one has moles on your body, be sure to have the doctor look at them. If you are facing a deadly disease remember that God is the God of the sea, the moon and the stars. What He does for others He will do for YOU!

Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil… It has no point!