Where Angels Fear to Tread(audio)/ A Children’s Story

Many years ago there was small secluded town almost forgotten by the rich and totally forgotten by the famous. The town was so small it had no stop lights and only one hardware store. The hardware store was a large two story building that had been built decades earlier and the owner Mr. Austin kept almost everything inside. He kept groceries, auto parts, furniture, toys and clothing making sure he received most of the money spent by the town’s people. There was a small room on the corner for the mail service and an Esso Service Station where the few people got the gasoline across the street. The biggest part of the town was the private college built in 1896.

There was born in this southern town a special little girl whose hair was as golden as the sunbeams that danced on the petals of the yellow daffodils. Her skin was as fair as the palest rose and her heart captured all those who came to meet her. She was delivered at home by a local doctor as were many children at that time. So tiny was she that no clothes would fit her tiny frame and her little hands were like those of a porcelain doll. Her feet were so small that special shoes had to be crafted by the finest shoemaker. So special was she that angels guarded her day and night for fear that her life would be taken. Annabella’s future had been planned in heaven and angels made aware of her destiny.

Two years had passed when the evil powers of darkness proclaimed they would destroy Annabella and never allow her to accomplish her mission. While Annabella slept one night the demons filled the bedroom with a deadly virus. They hoped by just breathing this virus Annabella would become sick and die. During the night Annabella’s lungs were filled and her small body invaded by this devilish enemy. Demons laughed as they sat outside waiting for the enemy to do its job. They stamped their feet and clapped their hands rejoicing over their perceived victory. Their vision was that the beautiful golden locks of hair would be lying somewhere in a grave very soon.

Before daybreak the angels discovered there was something terribly wrong with Annabella. Her brow was fevered and her body stricken with virus. Having been deceived, they quickly drew their swords and gathered together forming a fiery wall around the house. They were furious and began to call warrior angels to do war with the demons of darkness. The virus spread rapidly consuming Annabella’s body. It came to be that Annabella could no longer walk and was paralyzed from her waist to her toes. Doctors worked feverishly to counter the attack with medicines and therapy. The curious evil imps were relentless and plotted to send even more attacks to hasten the demise of this special child guarded by angels.

Weeks turned into months and Annabella grew weaker. Her legs forgot how to walk and special braces were made to go inside boots to give support to her lower body. Whirlpools of healing waters massaged her daily trying to keep the muscles from atrophy. Annabella had to be carried everywhere and people stared at the beautiful little girl with pity.

Now Annabella was blessed with a very wise grandmother who loved her dearly. She moved into Annabella’s house and each day she would spread a soft blanket on the floor. She would lie Annabella down and begin to tell her stories. While Annabella listened to her favorite stories her grandmother exercised her legs. She pretended that Annabella was pedaling a bicycle and moved her legs up and down repeatedly. Each day the muscles grew a little stronger. Each day the smile on Annabella’s face grew with great hope. The Holy Angels continued to war against the evil powers of darkness and they too became stronger soon defeating the enemy with their fiery swords.

One day Annabella pulled herself up from the floor holding onto the arm of a chair but try as she would her legs would not allow her to stand. Everyday she tried to stand but her legs trembled beneath her. Until one day when she pulled herself up she was able to stand for a moment before her body toppled to the floor.

This was a special day for the postman delivered a package for Annabella. As she ripped open the box she discovered a pair of tall white boots. The shoemaker had lined them with steel braces inside so no one could see them. Everyone prayed this would help support Annabella’s legs and she would one day be able to stand. Granny kept exercising the small lifeless legs until one day Annabella stood and made one wobbly step. It was a small victory but a great victory for Annabella.

The evil powers of darkness cried and screamed in anger. Who was this child that angels would fight over? Who was this little girl that doctors made such a fuss over? Why had all of the prayers of the mother been answered? What was this little girl’s mission? It must have been given to her by God or the angels would not be standing guard over her. They had listened for answers but God wasn’t about to tell the wicked fallen creatures of darkness.

It wasn’t long until the small white boots were riding a real tricycle and running over fields of clover. The sun once again glistened on the golden curls as they bounced about. The saddened eyes gleamed with delight once more and the smile spread across Annabella’s rosy cheeks.The wicked had tried to destroy a child of God but God would not allow this to happen. He continued to faithfully answer the prayers of friends and family. Annabella’s legs grew stronger and God restored her health. Everyone was so happy to see Annabella walking and singing. Annabella began to sing her songs of praise in every school and every church. Her small voice could be heard down long hallways and bouncing off walls in huge auditoriums. God had blessed her and she was praising Him for doing so.

The dark principalities and evil powers cringed in fear and closed their ears so they could not hear the songs of joy. Demons trembled and devils bellowed forth their ghoulish sounds of terror. God had given Annabella a special gift and they could feel its mighty power. They quickly set about to tie up the angels who guarded the chosen one and called all of the most powerful demons.

“Go and destroy this child for she is spreading love with her songs. Can’t you see we cannot allow love to spread over this world. Her words are powerful and she is made in the image of God. We must kill her before she accomplishes her mission here!” A ghoulish devil ranted. “We will send great pain and suffering. She will be in such great pain she will stop proclaiming Jesus!” He continued.

Annabella continued to grace the stage, visit the elderly, lay hands on the sick and cast out devils. Boldly she professed to everyone the saving power of Jesus Christ, God’s only son. She anointed fevered brows and spoke words of faith bringing healing to many. It wasn’t long until Annabella fell in love and married.

“This is a great plan.” An evil spirit snickered. “Now all we have to do is use lust and infidelity. They are two powerful spirits and they can destroy her!” Another demon clapped his hands and stomped his feet in delight. “All we have to do is bring some sexy women his way. He will fall like a rock!” They laughed. “We can’t allow love to remain with this woman. We are come to steal, kill and destroy so let’s get busy!”

Annabella’s heart was broken and her desire to sing snuffed out. Tears filled her eyes as she watched her happy marriage broken into thousands of pieces. A dark cavity filled her soul and demons of depression attacked her mind every minute of the day. The enemy had landed a crushing blow and celebrating their wicked accomplishment.

Many people were not aware of the mighty power of God. They could not believe He could heal the sick, make the blind see, and the lame walk again. They could not believe He is the Creator of all that is and His word is as powerful as a two-edged sword. Many people did not read His word but Annabella did and she feasted over it daily. She knew God could do the impossible and held on to her faith. Once again God delivered Annabella. He removed the darkness in her soul but this time He gave her the power to tread on serpents. This time she could point at evil and it would flee. This time she would cast out demons and they would leave. God promised to walk beside her as she visited prisons.

“Never again!” God said. “Never again will you have pain and suffering for I AM is with you now and forever!”

God keeps His promises. The golden locks that glistened in the sunlight are now gray. Annabella’s body shows the scars of battle but there is still life in her eyes. She still captures the hearts of many near and far. Annabella still works daily to free those oppressed. You can find her bringings deliverance to the captives and singing praises to Jehovah God. Annabella is walking where angel’s fear to tread but she has a mighty partner who walks beside her now and forever.

She still walks!

Written by Sybil Shearin

All Rights Reserved

Copyrighted 3-11

Question. Who was trying to destroy the little girl?