Who Will Stop The Wars?/ A Children’s Story

The Destruction of War

Young eyes in every country in the world have seen the destruction, the hunger and the death from fighting’s that seem to be endless. As far back as one can find records scribbled by priest or kings there are writings describing how one country after another as encroached upon another seizing the land and its people for whatever purpose. It is difficult for adults to understand it all much less the small minds of a child.

I met a little girl whose clothes were tattered and torn. She had not eaten in days yet she did not complain about the lack of food. She saw the armored vehicles outside in the streets and her ears absorbed the sound of bombs outside. Who would be gone from her house next, she wondered?

“Mother I must ask you a question.” The little girl asked in a humbled voice.

“What my child? What is it that you must know?” Her mother answered as she stirred a pot of stew on the stove.

“Mother I’d like to go outside and talk to the men dressed in all those uniforms.”

“Why would you want to do that for my dear? You can’t go outside now. There is much too danger out there. Come and sit with me. Let me tell you a story about a ball of blue yarn that was used to make a special babies wrap.” Her mother answered.

The little girl slowly moved away in the direction of the door. Without a word she disappeared down the torn and shattered steps of the building in which she lived.

She stood watching as the trucks rolled into her town. She saw all the guns and heard the loud voices. What were they doing in her town? Why had they come?

Patiently she waited until she saw some men gathered around a military vehicle. Slowly her small feet walked up to them. Fear had left her long ago and now she felt she had nothing left to lose.

“Mister, why have you come into our town? Everyone was happy and we had food until the bombs came. Did you bring the bombs? Are you planning to take me and my mother to the camps like I have heard stories about before? My father was taken and my brothers were taken away from us. They had not hurt anyone. I could see the tears in their eyes as they were dragged behind a jeep. Soldiers tied their hands and feet with ropes. I still hear their cries in the night. Please tell me why you have come here and what are you going to do with us?” The little girl’s voice suddenly broke from emotion.

“We are not here to hurt you dear child. We have been ordered to come here and we must obey our orders.” One tall soldier answered boldly.

“Where is my brother and my father? If you are not going to hurt us, what are you going to do with them? They are good people. My father works to get food for us. My brother’s ears cannot hear and his eyes cannot see. Where are you taking them? Will they ever come back here?” She winced.

The soldiers noticed her dirty fingernails and the matted hair that fell from her shoulders. He looked into her eyes and could see only his children in a far distant land. His voice broke as he droppedto his knee on the dirt road to speak to her.

“I don’t know who ordered all of this and why. I am a father just like your father and I have a little girl much like you. We are given orders to come to this land and to help the people here to become free of those who are not allowing you to have food or clothes. We are not here to hurt you but only to help in any way that we can.” He said as his eyes lowered to the dusty road upon which he stood.

“You are a man with a lying tongue. You have destroyed our homes and taken our families away. I have seen what you have done to the young girls and boys. You have come to our land to take all that we have away from us. You will take our houses, our homes, our rivers, and our golden temples in which we worship. We were all happy here until you came. Now there are only tears. Why are you doing this to us? We are people just like you. Go tell the man who gave you the order to stop the bombs. Tell him we only want to live in peace and have no more war. War has taken everything we have even my mother’s golden cross necklace she had worn for so many years. Why would you take a little thing such as that from an old woman?” She continued.

“Honey you need to go back into the building now. Trucks are coming in and their will be gunfire. We cannot protect you when you are out on the streets. Run back into your building.” He commanded firmly.

“You are not protecting me! You have come to destroy us and take our land. I pray each day that the man who placed the stars and stuck the moon up there will come to save us. I pray but he doesn’t come. Go back to your home and let us live in peace, please Mister Soldier! Are you going to stop the war?” She called out loudly.

The dust from the wheels of the trucks forced her to turn away. She was only one little girl and there were thousands of soldiers. The roar of the engines drowned out her last few words. He never heard the word peace fall from her lips. He never saw the tear make its way down her dirty little cheek but God did.

Nations are rising up against other nations. There are wars and rumors of more wars. The earth is groaning with earthquakes, tornadoes, and storms of all kinds. The seas are sending giant waves washing away islands and mountains. Disease is running rampant. Yet the elite sit in luxury plotting how to possess more wealth with their evil plans.

Remember the words that fell from Jesus lips long ago. “When ye see these things begin to happen, look up for your Redeemer is coming. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye the dead in Christ shall rise first, then all of those who are alive and remain will be caught up to meet Him in the air. So shall we ever live with the Lord Jesus in heavenly places where there will never again be war, famine, disease, hunger or greed? There will be peace in the valley one day! There is a Blessed Eternal Hope for all who will believe.

Question: What causes one nation to go to war with another nation?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 7-2012