Watch Out for the Wild Naugas!(audio)


Once upon a time in a very big world far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities there was a very thick forest. Deep inside this dark forest sat a small log cabin and in this cabin there lived a family of naugas. There was the father nauga, the mother nauga, a young boy nauga and a tiny baby nauga. They all lived together happily in the deep dark forest.

The father nauga was a skilled hunter and each day he went out into the forest in search of food for his family. The mother nauga spent her day cooking and cleaning the cabin. The young boy nauga played near the cabin building him a tree house and spending time down by the river fishing. The tiny furry baby nauga played in her crib with all of her toys.

Naugas are very gentle creatures who are covered from head to toe with long beautiful fur. Herds of naugas once roamed freely everywhere until man began killing them for their fur and their hides. Now the naugas are forced to live in hidden places where man seldom goes and cannot find them. They live in the deepest forests, the hottest deserts, the thickest jungles, the deepest valleys and the tallest mountains. Some naugas are quite large and some are very small depending upon the area in which they live and their supply of food.

Naugas now live in fear that man will find them and kill them. Humans use their fur for expensive coats and their hides for covering expensive furniture in royal palaces.

The family was very happy until one day there came a knock upon the cabin door.

“Who is knocking upon my door?” The mother nauga asked.

“I am just an old lady who has lost her way. I have been searching for fruits, nuts and herbs all day. I was wondering if I could rest a little while and get something to drink. I have walked for so long I have blisters on my feet. Perhaps you would be kind enough to give me some directions so I can get home before sunset.” The voice called softly.

Ever so slowly the mother nauga opened the door to find a very thin woman dressed in a long black dress. She was carrying a basket full of all sorts of nuts, berries and leaves.

“What is your name and where do you live?” The mother nauga asked curiously.

“I live at the edge of the forest along the Pea Dee River. Please could I rest here for my feet are hurting so and I need water to drink. My name is Myzelda.” The old woman pleaded sadly.

“Very well but you must leave soon before the sun gets low in the sky or you will never find your way out of this thick forest.” The mother nauga explained as she invited the strange woman into the cabin.

Now if you have ever heard about naugas you would know that they are very curious and very hard to fool. So the mother nauga watched the long-haired woman as she sat down at the kitchen table. She knew she was no ordinary poor woman for her fingernails were long and her thin fingers adorned with gold rings with huge purple stones that glistened in the light from the window. She also was wearing an uncommon fragrance that smelled like the magnolia tree that grew wild often in remote areas of the forest. Her black boots were made of the finest leather and they did not have one single scuff.

“Who all lives here?” The stranger asked as she gulped down a glass of peppermint tea.

“There are just the four of us naugas living here. My husband will be back at any time. He is hunting wild meat for our dinner.” Mother nauga answered slowly and with great thought. She wondered why such a lady with red fingernails and lipstick could possibly be doing in the woods. She also wondered why her boots were as clean as a whistle. Things did not appear to be quite right. There was something terribly wrong with the picture she was seeing. Could she be there to harm them?

Just then there came a cry from the crib in the bedroom.

“I must see about my baby. I will only be a moment.” The mother nauga said as she moved through the kitchen and into the small bedroom. As she was picking up the baby nauga she felt a presence behind her. She quickly turned around to see the old woman smiling widely.

“Oh do let me hold your precious little one.” The old woman asked sweetly. Her eyes were wide with surprise and a huge wicked smile crept across her wrinkled face.

“I’m afraid she is not in the best of moods. Her stomach has been bothering her a bit lately.” Mother nauga answered as she tried to comfort her baby.

“She is just what I’ve always wanted!” Exclaimed the old woman as she took the small furry ball of fur from her mother.

“I’ll just take her and be gone before your husband returns. Just tell me which way I need to take. Do not try and stop me or I’ll use this soft fur for a bonnet and the hide for a purse.” She grinned wickedly.

The mother nauga knew she had made a terrible mistake by letting the woman come into her cabin. She was right about the old woman after all. She had been lying all along and wanted only to steal the baby nauga.

“Just walk between the two tall cedar trees and continue in that direction. It will take you back to the edge of the forest. Please whatever you do, do not hurt my baby.” The mother nauga cried.

“You can keep my basket of nuts and berries. It is a fair trade I suppose.” The old woman laughed as she walked quickly to the door with the bundle of fur in her arms.

She quickly slammed the heavy wooden door behind her and hurriedly walked between the two huge cedar trees. The mother nauga watched as her precious baby was taken from her. Tears began to fill her eyes as she watched helplessly.

Just then there was a loud clanking sound and the old woman screamed in agony. She had walked into a steel trap and her foot was caught in the sharp teeth of the trap. The old woman’s pain was so great that she let go of the little nauga to free her foot from the sharp teeth of the trap.

“Well I see you came here to steal my baby and do us harm.” The mother nauga shouted angrily. “Now you will pay with your life. We harm no one unless they harm us first. You are an evil wicked witch and my husband will roast you for our dinner. You cannot escape the teeth of the steel trap. The more you wiggle around the more the teeth will dig into your flesh. She picked up her baby and cradled her in her arms.

“When you set out to hurt others you will reap the wrath of the whirlwind!” Mother nauga shouted loudly.

Just then the father nauga came around the corner of the cabin.
“Well I see the old trap still works well. You did a very good job mother nauga. You have out foxed this wicked witch. I’ll gather up some fire wood and we will roast her for our dinner.”

So it came to be that the wicked witch was roasted and the four naugas enjoyed a delicious dinner of roast, berries, nuts and fresh fruits from the basket on the kitchen table.

Mother nauga is now wearing several beautiful gold rings with sparkling purple stones and a pair of nice black leather boots with no scuffs.

So if you ever happen upon a nauga you had better watch out, for they now know humans are evil creatures seeking to destroy them. They have steel traps hidden everywhere in the desert, under the leaves in the forest, high upon the mountains, and even in the most remote areas of the world. The almost extinct naugas are multiplying quickly and will soon be capturing humans for their food. They might be looking for YOU!

Question: What does a nauga look like?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 10-2011

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