Zymox the Dragon(audio)


The sun watched curiously from high in the heavens as the three men stepped off the boat. Having requested permission from the Borneo authorities to go further into the jungle than the scientist before them had gone. They began to unload a vast assortment of equipment for this adventure. The scientist before them had written during their trip that they had discovered what they thought to be an ancient form of a dragon living in the depth of the jungle. In order to gain proof, they had hidden cameras amidst the trees in the area they found to be too dangerous. They had chosen to camp in an open area and wait for a helicopter to bring other scientist and more equipment.

When the helicopter finally arrived at the site they could not find the scientist but had retrieved all the cameras with the photos inside. When they were finally able to observe the photos they were astounded by what they had seen. It had captured the pictures of huge dragon-like monsters that had never been seen by any man. Even the meat hunters of Borneo had never seen such huge beast that breathed out fiery blast. The quest was now up to the new scientist. With the government’s approval, the team of two scientists and one guide had come to see if they could indeed find a beast mankind had only seen in picture films.

One of the scientists was from Australia and the other was from England. The government had made it abundantly clear that they would not be held liable for this mission or for any other missions into this forbidden area that man had never stepped foot inside.

It was a new adventure to not only investigate the previous scientist report but to see all the animals living in this part of the world. No word was ever reported on the previous scientist disappearance but it was thought that they were no longer alive.

It was on the fifth day that the scientist met the famous Komodo dragons, the world’s heaviest living lizards. It weighed well over 200 lbs and was about ten feet long. They were aware that the lizard is fast on his feet, can climb trees and are very good swimmers. They kept their distance knowing the dragon had a very keen sense of smell.

“My goodness those teeth are awesome. They resemble those of a shark. I must have counted at least five dozen and it looks like they are positioned to rip out chunks of meat from its prey. I think we need to stay well away from them. Let’s just pray they are not hungry.” Anthony the scientist from England reminded the others.

“Well their mouths are gigantic holes full of bacteria and even it the prey might survive a bite, it will die from infection within a day or so. They also have a venom glad which disables their prey. Watch out for those smaller ones who live in the trees. They will come down to find food. I don’t really desire to be food for anything out here. Let’s get the information we came to get and get out of this deadly place.” Mark the scientist from Australia replied.

“Folks say we need our heads examined for even coming out here. They say the others got eaten by some of these big dragons. I haven’t seen any clothes or personal items yet. My stomach is all queasy and my nerves are on edge. I’m keeping this gun aimed and loaded every second. I’m going to shoot and ask questions later.” Pajessel added. When he smiled his teeth and the whites of his eyes were the only thing one could see.

The natural habitat of dragons is extremely harsh for any human. It was hot, wet and mosquitoes were swarming eating anything they could find. The dragons seemed solitary but would defend their territory for up to two miles a day. The larger the dragon the bigger his territory becomes.

“The Komodo’s are carnivorous and cannibalistic. They are constantly eating. They have been known to kill and eat animals that weigh as much or more than they do. If they can overpower it, they will kill it and eat it. One of the fellows saw a dragon that weighed only about 100 lbs kill and eat a pig who weighed almost the same thing. He ate the pig in less than twenty minutes. I can’t imagine what their eyes have seen in the forty years they have lived here. I do know that they swim from island to island. Maybe we should think about swimming out of here.” Pejessel added as serious as he could be.

Suddenly there came a sound rumbling through the leafy underbrush. It was a male dragon and he was following a female.

“Everyone get down!” Mark called quickly.

The male Komodo dragon pressed his snout to the female’s body, and flicked her with his long, forked tongue to obtain chemical information about her receptivity. He then scratched her back with his long claws, making a ratchet-like noise. She raised and inflates her neck and hisses loudly. She was not in the mood to mate and she told him quite clearly. They moved along slowly and finally disappeared into the wet steamy jungle.

Then before anyone could move, a blast of steam came rolling out of the depth of the jungle. An ear piercing roar almost deafened the men. Their eyes were open wide and their heart skipped a beat. It was not an ordinary Komodo dragon. It was much larger and black in color. Its eyes were glaring red and it was blowing hot air from its mouth. It stood on its hind feet and raked its sharp claws against a tree. Following close behind came a smaller one. They were turning their heads from side to side and sniffing in the air. The larger dragon lumbered over in the direction of the men. Its breath was shooting out like a fire hose. The smaller dragon followed surrounding the men. Their backs were to the thickest part of the jungle and they had no where to go. Within seconds the hot blast covered the two scientists tossing them into the air as if they were butterflies. The dragons moved in to feed.

Pejessel sunk back under the leaves and covered his ears. The screams and the crushing sound was too much for him. Would he survive or would they smell him?

Pejessel lay hidden in the brush for hours as the dragons feasted.

As soon as they left, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him back out of the jungle. He was found by meat hunter’s days later nearly dead from lack of food and water. He left with them and has never been back into the jungle again. He continued to tell his story about Zymox the dragon that killed and ate his friends.

There really are animals on this planet that no man has ever seen. There are animals on this planet that man has seen but not lived to tell about. The quest continues.

Question: How does the Komodo dragon kill with bacteria?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 9-2011